DUP Omagh advertise pro-medicinal cannabis event

Observed on Saturday past in the front window of Tom Buchanan’s constituency office in Omagh  a flyer for a forthcoming event which will promote the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

This event is part of a concerted campaign by a woman called Charlotte Caldwell whose young son Billy suffers from epilepsy.

There is no medical consensus at present on the effectiveness (or safety) of medicinal cannabis.

Are the DUP now pro-medicinal cannabis?

We would not be surprised if they confirm that they are indeed pro-medicinal cannabis, because compromise and abandonment of principle seems to have been the stock in trade of that Party for some years now.

PS   For our overseas readers,  DUP stands for Democratic Unionist Party and Tom Buchanan is a member of the DUP and a MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly)

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