November 6th, 2000 – three Christians face certain death – but God….

“Dear God! We are trapped!”

“Gene are you ready to die?”  Yes he replies, quietly but with assurance.

“Joshua are you ready?”  “Yes, Pastor Ken,” came the fearful reply.” (end of quote)

Heaven looked on as three frightened men huddled together on the ground and committed themselves to the mercy of God as they stared death in the face at the hands of a frenzied machete-wielding mob in Kenya on 6th November, 2000.

Their remarkable story of Divine deliverance from certain death can be read in its entirety at link below.

The Pastor in the article is Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller and he is still suffering for his faith today because he is currently unjustly in prison in the USA serving a 27 month sentence for helping a mother and daughter to flee the USA to save the young daughter from the clutches of a lesbian. (see our previous posts about the Lisa and Isabella Miller case)

Pastor Miller is a man who knows the cost of total commitment to Christ and His word.

We hope that we will demonstrate the same courage when we are called upon to obey God rather than men, and that day is fast approaching!

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