….but the name of the wicked shall rot

Thus we read in the book of Proverbs chapter 10 verse 6. The entire verse reads as follows,

“The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.”

Martin McGuinness, the “former” IRA commander died this week and was buried yesterday.

It appears that he never repented of his evil and wicked deeds.

The IRA were/are a bloodthirsty murderous organisation and Martin McGuinness was one of its commanders, and one shudders when one remembers the many victims of these terrorists.

Martin McGuinness became the Deputy First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2007, because, and only because, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) headed by the late Ian Paisley were power-hungry, which led to them abandoning their previously held convictions about never sharing power with terrorists.

Their shocking compromise led to the unholy alliance between Ian Paisley who became First Minister and Martin McGuinness who became Deputy First Minister.

The DUP (and the Paisley family) never pulled back from the brink but instead have continued on the downward spiral with one compromise after another.

Martin McGuinness has left a legacy of tears, broken hearts, empty chairs and fatherless and motherless children.

Let the foolish and the deluded praise him. The Bible says the name of the wicked shall rot.







8 thoughts on “….but the name of the wicked shall rot

    • God has already judged murder because He has said “Thou shalt not kill” i.e murder and God hates hands that shed innocent blood. We did not delete the vile word you used in your comment because we want our readers to see that you are a man of unclean lips.

      • Does it not bother you that you are filled with so much hate and anger.

        By the way. The use of the “vile” word was to get a reply. You pair never rely to comments people make who don’t agree with you. So my plan worked.

        • It may come as a surprise to you Sir to learn that there are things that God hates, and the Bible says that those who love the LORD hate evil. Now “evil” is not some nebulous concept lingering in the atmosphere. Evil is something that human beings are capable of and engage in. When the Bible says that God hates hands that shed innocent blood, do you think that means that God hates a pair of hands? Those hands are attached to bodies therefore it follows that when God says He hates hands that shed innocent blood, it means that God hates people who shed innocent blood. We are to hate what God hates and love what God loves. When you say that we never reply to comments from those who don’t agree with us, you are talking nonsense. Most of the comments on our blog come from people who disagree with us and most commenters receive a reply from us.

          • But do you understand that neither you or your husband are god? The bible you so fondly speak of also teaches you to love, not judge and not to hate???

  1. In relation to Martin McGuinness, the late Ian Paisley Sr certainly demonstrated real Christianity at the end of his life – forgiveness and friendship towards his former enemy being at the centre of that, and leaving a powerful legacy of the beginnings of true peace.

    There is no doubt Martin McGuiness had a past filled with awful deeds. But surely the conversion to peaceful methods and risking much to bring an end to violence also means something.

    Certainly, let he who is without sin comment first, even if our own misdeeds do not quite compare.

    I do hope to see a positive blog post on here someday, even if this, my first (and probably last) browse through, was less than Biblically enlightening…

    • Martin McGuinness’s awful deeds should have been dealt with by the full force of the law. This did not happen. Instead he (and others, including loyalist terrorists) were rewarded by positions in Government and/or “community grants” to republican and loyalist “front” organisations. This is why many communities in Northern Ireland are still dominated by terrorists/paramilitaries and are virtual “no-go areas” for the Police. We need “hawkish” policies to deal with violent men and women not “dove-like” policies. Ian Paisley is a character study in shocking compromise and abandonment of principle and so is Peter Robinson, William McCrea, Ian Paisley junior and so many others in the DUP. Eileen Paisley and her other son Kyle are also compromisers and are sounding more and more liberal in their public pronouncements. If this is your first and last visit to our blog Madam, we couldn’t care less!

  2. Frank,

    You are wasting your gum ,

    He quotes Proverbs yet not one jot or tittle of that book was written by God, its the opinions of a man,

    I say [he quotes] thats tongue-in-cheek, he doesn’t get a word in edge wise

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