Poster girl for today’s rebellious “Christian” woman

Green Pastures is a trendy outfit in Northern Ireland that describes itself as a “church.”

It is dominated by feminists and weak men.

There are five women described as “Pastors” on their leadership list.

To such usurpers we say, “Dream on, you are not (and never will be) Pastors.”

Recently Green Pastures had their annual conference for women which is entitled “Passion.”

One only has to view photos of said conference on Green Pasture’s Facebook to see that it is a feminist, chaotic, raucous occasion punctuated with rock music.

“Christian” rock of course!!

The main speaker at this “Femfest” was someone hitherto unknown to us by the name of Andi Andrew.

She is obviously fond of wearing torn jeans (see link below.)

She is typical of today’s trendy “Evangelicals” and could be the poster girl for same.

Rebellion and decadence characterise the feminist movement AND Green Pastures “church.”

Green Pastures is a gathering of religious worldlings and nothing more.

Click on link below to see the rebellious usurper ,”Pastor” Andi Andrew, then click on “About,” then click on “Meet Andi.”

2 thoughts on “Poster girl for today’s rebellious “Christian” woman

  1. Nothing wrong whatsoever in what she’s doing if she’s nto hurting or forcing her beliefs on anyone. In any case she has no more proof of what she believes in than you do. All you have is blind faith and that’s it. You have no actual practical evidence. Fact.

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