Evildoers and compromisers triumph in NI election

The results in last Thursday’s Assembly election in Northern Ireland were predictable, but no less depressing and disturbing for that.

Sinn Fein, a left-wing Irish Republican Party and a “front” for the murderous IRA got 224,245 votes. Sinn Fein’s goal is a united Ireland.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) got 225,413 votes. The DUP are a pro-union Party i.e they wish to remain a part of the United Kingdom(UK.)

However, since 2007, the DUP has shared power with Sinn Fein in a mandatory coalition in the NI Assembly. In agreeing to be a part of the power-sharing executive, the DUP abandoned their previously held convictions i.e that they would never share power with unrepentant terrorists and their apologists.

Since abandoning principle to gain political power, the DUP have continued on the downward spiral and have abandoned more of their core principles such as their stand against homosexuality. Recently the DUP went along with the pardoning of homosexuals who were accused of gross indecency when homosexuality was still a criminal offence.

Following last Thursday’s election, other smaller Parties e.g Nationalist, Greens, Unionists, liberals and socialists, gained seats or lost seats or retained seats.

Which brings me to my election result, which was 41 votes, which increased to the marvellous total of 45 thanks to vote transfers from goodness knows who. This was my lowest ever vote, and this abysmal result was partly due to lack of support from Bible believers and partly due to sleight of hand on the part of one Party in particular (more on this in a subsequent post.)

Now, to give my enemies even more of a laugh, I’ll refresh the collective memory of NI (West Tyrone in particular)about my performance as a candidate in the four elections in which I was a candidate.

2014 Council election – my vote was 67 and I came LAST.
2015 Westminster election – my vote was 166 and I came LAST
2016 NI Assembly election – my vote was 85 and I came SECOND LAST
2017 NI Assembly election – my vote was 45 and I came SECOND LAST

Now, have you stopped laughing yet? Try to compose yourself and ponder this,

The Bible says that one day the last shall be first and the first shall be last, and, in the book of Job in the Old Testament we read that “….the just upright man (or woman) is laughed to scorn.”

I would rather lose every election, and keep my principles, than win because I abandoned them.

12 thoughts on “Evildoers and compromisers triumph in NI election

      • The only explanation for the appalling state of Northern Ireland’s politics and society is one of law and order. Terrorists (loyalist and republican) were appeased and were given “get out of jail free” cards and rewarded with places in Government or bought off with “community grants.” Terrorists should have been relentlessly hunted down and punished with long prison sentences (or life imprisonment if guilty of murder) or executed (if we still had the death penalty.) I know that there were some wicked people found within the ranks of the security forces but they were the horrible exception not the rule and they likewise should be punished because murder is murder and wrong is wrong. If I had the power, I would restore the death penalty and I would have no hesitation in sending murderers to the gallows (as long as their conviction is “beyond a reasonable doubt.”)

  1. Does this not tell you that the majority of right thinking people don’t agree with your extremist views? i am sure you know more than 45 people? I’m sure that there are more than 45 in your church. Therefore what does this tell you?

    • I doubt the evidence that hardly anyone agrees that the bible says what she believes it says will dent this bloggers self righteous belief in herself. As we can see from the post it is everyone else’s fault that she had such an abysmal election. It will not occur to her to look in the mirror and contemplate that her principles are the issue.

      The fact that these principles have no basis in evidential reality will also not occur to her.

      • Which of my Biblical principles have “no basis in evidential reality.” Ask any Evangelical Christian Pastor about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and adultery and they will agree with me. If they do not agree that the Bible condemns and forbids both, they have abandoned the Christian faith.

        • The bible is not evidence of anything and neither is what some evangelical christian pastor says.

          The fact that you believe it is neither here nor there, I do not share that belief and my opinion on the subject is as valid as yours.

          • You have not answered my question. You seem to think that my Biblical principles are based on my interpretation of Scripture and you seem to imply that I have a novel interpretation of Scripture. So let us look at an example – homosexuality. Does the Bible (Old and New Testament) condemn homosexuality? To help you I will direct you to an Old Testament verse and a New Testament verse, see Leviticus (OT) chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans (NT) chapter 1 verses 26-32. The Bible is clear in its condemnation of homosexuality and many doctors confirm that homosexual activity is destructive to the human body (search for the findings of Dr. John Diggs and Dr. Paul Church.)

    • Since when does being pro-union and pro-Brexit brand one an “extremist?” To listen to you, one would think that most Evangelical churches in NI do not share my Biblical views on homosexuality and adultery. Any Evangelical Christian church will agree with me that the Bible condemns and forbids both. If they do not agree, then they are no longer Christian. The fact that only 45 people in West Tyrone voted for me tells me that the majority of people here are “wrong-thinking.”

  2. The fact that only 45 people in West Tyrone voted for me tells me that the majority of people here are “wrong-thinking.”

    Or could it be that 45 people are those who see the world unjustly and without decency towards their fellow human beings and are instead those who are ill-informed in their thinking here.

    There are plenty of Christians in NI – surely “the 45” are not the only true ones? No, your incorrect Biblical assertions are shown to have no support. You take the beliefs and stretch them to a level society has moved far past.

    Of course no one is going to go to prison for adultery, same sex relationships or abortion in the modern age. That is completely farcical.

    Yes, religion can inform legal thinking, but only alongside secular opinion and reflecting the multicultural society we now live in.

    On a personal level, I’m sorry you were disappointed by the result. But it does not surprise me that the electorate rejected a campaign which was so out of tune with modern life.

    If you can invent a time machine, I have no doubt there is an era of intolerance you can leap back to to enforce your assertions, but as the election results prove, NI in 2017 is not the place for them.

    By all means have any belief you wish. You are entitled to do so. But the result proves you may as well try speaking to a brick wall – the voters do not deign your proclamations as sensical, true or decent.

    It seems very much to me that NI has moved forward a degree governance-wise. Long may it continue to do so.

    • It would be a waste of time for me to explain (yet again) to people like you that my views ARE Biblical and that anyone who claims to be a Bible believer will share them. To try to explain Biblical views to someone who has little or no spiritual discernment is (to quote the Lord Jesus Christ) like “casting one’s pearls before swine or giving that which is holy unto dogs.”

      For your information, Mr.Patterson, adultery is illegal in 21 States in the USA and it should be illegal in the UK. In the business world, if someone breaks the terms and conditions of a contract, legal consequences usually follow. Adultery breaks more than a contract, it breaks solemn vows and adulterers should face prison or a fine or both. Adultery has led to disease and murder. It is a heinous sin/crime. Many years ago, adulterers were paraded round town with the scarlet letter “A” on their clothing. Society should abhor adultery and shame adulterers.

      Abortion is murder and must never be de-criminalised. Most societies punish murderers. They do not legalise murder. Homosexuality is deviant, destructive and abnormal and should still be illegal.

      As of 2016 (according to the Independent newspaper) LGBT relationships are illegal in 74 countries and in 13 countries (presumably 13 of the 74,) homosexuality is punishable by death. Do you think that these countries belong in another century, as you believe I do? Compared to some of these countries, I seem liberal because I am not calling for the death penalty but for re-criminalisation of and imprisonment for homosexual acts.

      • You say “Adultery has led to disease and murder”, well religion (As well as money) has lead to more brutal murders and other horrible killings and vile acts, more so than anything else. That is a fact.

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