The sodomite version of “the mark of the beast”

The book of Revelation, the book that closes the New Testament warns of a time when the Antichrist will be revealed. It further warns that those alive during the Tribulation period will be forced to take the “mark of the beast” on their forehead or right hand and that without this mark, no-one will be able to buy or sell.

Those who refuse to take the mark of the beast will be killed.

A few days ago, we read a post on a blog written by a woman who can discern the signs of the times, although she is not an Evangelical Christian.

She was planning a trip to a city some distance from her home, and, as she would require accommodation during her trip, she looked at an online site that lists bargain hotels and apartments.

On that site, she was confronted with these words,

“Before you continue…………please commit to respecting and including everyone in the —-community.”

She continued reading the following,

“I agree to treat everyone in the —-community – regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age – with respect and without judgment or bias.”

She was presented with two choices in response to the above. Accept or Decline.

The lady (rightly) hit “decline” and was immediately notified that her account was cancelled.

So, if an individual refuses to capitulate to the hideous sodomite/equality agenda, one will not be able to (ultimately) buy or sell.

Society is doomed. May God be merciful to those of us who will never capitulate to the devilish forces at work in the world today, because perilous times are here, and persecution is coming.



5 thoughts on “The sodomite version of “the mark of the beast”

  1. We should probably be grateful you only object to two of the -isms in the list…

    Meanwhile, in the real world, such discrimination should reduce as the result of sensible approaches to sex education:

    I agree a site should not require such a disclaimer, though. Why? Because being against discrimination on those grounds should be (and is for most people) completely natural and the norm anyway.

    As for the Revelations tie-in… that would be a stretch. There’s a v tenuous fulfilment there, if at all.

    • We object to the entire equality agenda. To see that agenda in practice, click on the following link to a hilarious and chilling video. The equality agenda certainly succeeds in making people equally stupid.

  2. A friend of ours complains that this is always and only about marriage or reproductive issues and it is prejudiced against other kinds of people and their preferences of identities. He claims he identifies as a pirate and as such is discriminated against by the government (for special rights), the medical establishment (for wanting to surgically change things that ocur naturally on his body),and religion (for insisting this is the way God made him). He is upset that while it is socially acceptable for people to be transgender, no one will allow a surgeon to take out his eye (so he may wear a patch), sever his hand (so he may have a hook instead) and surgically remove his leg (so he can wear a peg). Yet if he wanted other parts changed in order to be neither male nor female or the opposite) there would be no objection. He says it is discrimination.

    That being state, I am sure that offerred enough incentive to someone, he could probably get the job done in an era like this where there is so much craziness.

  3. Hi Susan Anne,

    I support monogamous marriage between loving couples and therefore support such marriage, not just between heterosexual couples, but also same-sex oriented persons. I suppose you think that I will get “the mark of the beast” , but isn’t “the beast” a mythical entity? So there isn’t going to be any beast to put a mark on you if you support marriage equality.


    John Arthur

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