Quotes from a Christian Prime Minister – Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuyper was a Bible-believing Christian and he served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands between 1901-1905.

His Party was called the Anti-Revolutionary Party.

He had wisdom and discernment and this is clearly seen in the two quotes below,

“When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace becomes sin; you must, at the price of deepest peace, lay your convictions before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.”

“The other parties campaign for parliamentary seats, more or less. We campaign for our principles!” (end of quotes)

The words “We campaign for our principles,” perfectly describe my election campaigns and with those words in mind, we are posting again a link to my 2016 Manifesto.


I am standing in this 2017 Assembly election for those same principles because I am uncompromising and consistent.

Enlarging on my Manifesto, I would emphasize that I am pro-Brexit, pro-Union and I believe that direct rule is preferable to any form of Government that permits evildoers i.e terrorists and their apologists, to seize the levers of power.

The RHI (Renewable Heating Initiative) scandal in Northern Ireland has laid bare the corruption and sleight of hand that masquerades as “Government” in Northern Ireland.

However it amazes me that so few people (if any) realize that behind the RHI is nothing other than the environmental (green) agenda which deifies the planet and considers man a cancer on it.

That fact alone should have set alarm bells ringing and Christians (in particular) should have realised this to be the case.

So, in the RHI scandal, we see the “green” lobby and the “love of money” which the Bible says is the root of all evil.

Some/many people may have signed up for RHI because they genuinely care about the earth and its resources (without deifying it) and we feel sorry for them because of the situation they now find themselves in, but not everyone involved in RHI have clean hands and we hope that any/all guilty parties will be called to account for their actions.

A concluding word to the general public about this RHI scandal. Don’t allow yourselves to be carried away by the media feeding frenzy and don’t be a party to any witch-hunt.

PS  Thanks to Watchman’s Bagpipes blog for one of the Kuyper quotes above

10 thoughts on “Quotes from a Christian Prime Minister – Abraham Kuyper

  1. So let me just check – you are against a Green Agenda because of why? You don’t see the need for renewable energy… Ok, well lets just say (hypothetically of course) that global warming is just a big scam and that there is no need for renewables, can you just clarify the issues below which apply to non-renewables:

    Fossil fuels are:
    1) Finite, about 50yrs oil is left at most if consumed at current rate.
    2) Dirty, cause disease, pollutes air, oceans etc.
    3) Dependent of unstable Middle Eastern Countries and also Saudi Arabia, Russia and UAE which are all anti-Christian.
    4) You say the Green lobby is linked to the “love of money”, are you implying that Oil Corporations etc are not???

    • We didn’t mention the Oil companies but you have and we think it is probably a foregone conclusion that many oil company executives are motivated by the love of money just like the Al Gores of this world.

      Please click on link below to learn more about the pseudo-science behind the global warming/climate change racket.


  2. So forgetting about climate change, can you see a reason to support renewable energy given that the finite resource of coal and oil will run out, that they pollute the air we breath and cause health issues.?

      • The article you post a link to is irrelevant – It is simply an opinion piece on why someone likes fossils fuels. It is an opinion which will be moot when fossil fuels run out.

        You are running for a position in our devolved government so what is your plan for when fossil fuels run out?

        • There were links to other articles about fossil fuels at the end of said article, Mr. Smokescreen/Red Herring. Read them and stop rejecting views simply because it is “someone’s opinion.”

          • Do you agree that fossil fuel resources are finite or not. If you believe finite then what is your plan to ensure Northern Ireland has a fuel solution beyond fossil fuels, if you believe they are infinite and we don’t have to look for alternatives (which might as well be green as any other) then what evidence do you have to support such a belief.

            It is not a red herring as energy is fundamental to the future of society and decisions need to be made now so as not to land our descendants in real trouble.

            Maybe you should start reading the questions and thinking about real world solutions rather than quote mining the internet. I am interested in what you have to offer not other peoples opinions – they are not asking for a vote.

          • The quotes below (from the Cornwall Alliance) show that whilst fossil fuels are finite, they are not likely to run out any time soon. We are not “quote-mining” as you put it when posting quotes from the Cornwall Alliance. They are a Christian organisation we happen to agree with.
            Quote begins,

            “Scary predictions about impending oil shortages have been made over and over again since 1885. The truth is that the current known world oil reserves are far greater than they’ve been at any time in history. The global production of oil is higher than ever, too, and oil prices have fallen by more than half since last June (2014)

            As far as coal goes, assuming no new discoveries of coal deposits (a big assumption), at current consumption rates BP estimates there are over 100 years left of coal supplies. While still not the cleanest option, coal is currently less dirty than ever, with reductions of major pollutants by over 90% since 1970″(end of quote)

  3. The fact you think the “green agenda” is somehow a bad thing when we face a planet which won’t be able to sustain us if we do not look after it says much.

    Direct rule preferred over devolution? Why even run then?!

    Pro-Brexit – likely to lead to the ruination of NI *and* the Union? Good luck with that approach!

    ZERO votes in this house, nor among my friends and family.

    You may claim to be principled, but sadly like so many politicians you do not actually have any principles. (In that sense, you would probably fit in well at Stormont.)

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