My 4th election campaign

After submitting my nomination papers to the Electoral Office, accompanied by my husband who is also my Election Agent, and emerging as a validly nominated candidate in the forthcoming Northern Ireland Assembly election, I was interviewed by a local paper The Ulster Herald.

See photos and hear the interview below,

15 thoughts on “My 4th election campaign

  1. Susan you got over 60 votes last time. You are better known this time, even famous in some circles. ( Negative reporting from the press contributes to that).The hostility is manufactured by the manufactured lgbt movement and the press. I do not believe the general public is screaming for rights. It is all sensationalized by the media. If you think you will lose the election, well then, there is nothing to lose, and you can afford to be outrageously bold.

    You have to say things to arouse the ire of people who are secretly resenting the whole movement but are afraid to say so. You could awaken a sleeping giant by appealing to their deep spiritual desire to do what is right.

    I have difficulty believing the Ulster Scots, those tough people that even the Romans could not defeat, are all pacified wimps. You are a good cheerleader to wake up the potential in people to put order and safety and a good conscience toward God back into those people.

  2. Dear Susan-Anne,

    I notice you are once again standing for election in west Tyrone as an Independant. Would you consider standing as a member of a political party e.g. UKIP or TUV? Do you think your campaign would be more successful if you joined or became affliated with such parties. If unsuccessful with this election, what does the future hold for your political career?


    • There is no political Party in Northern Ireland that is articulating ALL of the principles I hold so dear. I reject all the Parties on the Left AND all the Parties on the liberal Right such as UKIP and the DUP. The TUV espouse some of the principles I stand for BUT not enough and those they share with me, they do not press home with vehemence, as I do. I do not expect to be “successful” in this election. “Successful” in the world’s eyes, that is, because God is not concerned about success. He requires faithfulness to His Word, and a principled stand irrespective of how popular or unpopular that makes me. God endorses me (and a few voters who can discern the times we live in) and that is all that matters. I came last in my first two election campaigns and I came second last in 2016. I may come last again in 2017 but one thing is sure, one day in the future (and I might have to wait for eternity to see it) the last shall be first (as the Bible says.) So let the world laugh. Soon He that sitteth in the heavens will laugh at them.

      • Are there any world wide political parties that roughly aligns to your mandate? If not, would you consider forming your own political party and fielding multiple candidates, perhaps in other parts of NI / mainland U.K? May I also ask what your opinion is on the Wesrboro Bapist Church, and if you have had any previous connections with this organisation?


        • The Reformed Political Party (SGP) in the Netherlands is a Christian Party which is of interest to me as they appear to share many of my views. I do not have enough support to consider forming a fundamentalist Christian Party in Northern Ireland. I have no connections to the Westboro Baptist Church. They are of great concern to me because they have no compassion for virtually anyone. I condemn their protests at funerals and their rejoicing at the deaths of homosexual servicemen.

  3. Your stance on the LGBT lobby is strong. What will you do about gender-confused children being treated on the NHS? There is a growing lobby (and clinics) behind this in Belfast.

    • The transsexual lobby is part of the LGBT lobby/agenda. We have posted many articles on our blog warning our readers about the dangerous, destructive nature of the transsexual lobby. We have protested publicly outside Queen’s University Student’s Union about their gender-neutral policy and practices. Many children are confused today about their sexual identity because they are being taught that sexual identity is not rooted in biology but is a social construct. Wicked sexual revolutionaries in virtually every strata of society are indoctrinating children with LGBT propaganda which is nothing other than State-sponsored child abuse on a massive scale. Any doctor or psychiatrist who tells a child that he or she can “change sex” if that is what will make them happy is wicked and should be struck off the medical registers. A child who thinks he or she is in the wrong body needs help and counselling. To give such a child hormones and/or subject such to mutilating surgery is evil and devilish.

  4. Dear Ms White,

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out – but I’m a student the University of St Andrews, form Portadown, and I’m currently writing my honours dissertation on the future of politics in Northern Ireland. I was wondering if you would be interested in having a quick interview? I’m not taking an ideological perspective, I won’t attempt to put down your views in any way – and I would really appreciate your insights.

    Please email me if you are interested – and we can arrange a time which would best suit you.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best wishes,

  5. There are now only two weeks remaining until the adult population of Northern Ireland go to the ballot boxes.

    Can you provide me with some of your electioneering and canvas discussions that you have had from the west Tyrone public, and tell me what kind of support you have been receiving? I would be very interested to hear “the good, the bad and the ugly” (if any) feedback, so to speak.

    What are you canvassing plans for the next two weeks? And will you be attending any husting events in the west Tyrone constituency?


    • To answer your last question first, we don’t know of any hustings event taking place in West Tyrone, and Dwaine, you don’t really expect us to give you any other information about my campaign, now do you?

      • I would be interested in learning more about the public perception of your intended policies, “from the horses mouth”, as it were. One is somewhat intrigued; I’m an inquisitive character.

  6. Hi Susan,

    What’s your views on abortion following rape or incest? Interested to hear your view-point on this, as the rest of the world seem to be far more progressive than Northern Ireland.

    Do you not believe we should all feel safe and comfortable in our environment and surroundings? Do you not feel that your propaganda and campaign is simply creating unnecessary anger and hatred among the people?

    The bible says we should love thy neighbour first and foremost – or is that not important to you?

    • I am vehemently opposed to abortion. It is murder and there are no exceptions. You obviously think that it is “progressive” to kill unborn babies. There is one word for people who think like you and that word is EVIL. You mentioned the Bible admonition to “love thy neighbour” but you obviously do not know the Bible very well because you added the words “first and foremost.” We are not to love our neighbour “first and foremost” we are to love GOD “first and foremost” and above all else and everyone else, and then we are to love our neighbour, and here is a thought for you to ponder Sir. The unborn baby is your neighbour!

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