Are you threatening to assassinate me Sir?

Many people have commented on the video interview with me conducted by The Ulster Herald.

The Ulster Herald Facebook has more than 50 comments on this topic, most of them offensive.

However, two comments are not just offensive, they are sinister.

A female commenter appears to address a male commenter when she says, ” Your next target.”

Presumably the “next target” is me, Susan-Anne White!

The male commenter replies with one word, preceded by an asterisk and that word is “Assassination.”

My husband and daughter and I have seen these comments so if they are deleted, there are three witnesses who can testify that those comments were made and were visible.

We are taking this matter very seriously and do not view such comments as a joke or someone’s attempt at black humour.

A death threat is a serious criminal offence.

To see the comments, click on link below and scroll down to the video of my interview, then click on “comments” and scroll down until you see the threatening comments (see PS below)

PS   The Ulster Herald have since removed the sinister comments at our request on Tuesday 14th February. They were visible on their Facebook from 10th February.

20 thoughts on “Are you threatening to assassinate me Sir?

  1. Wwhere are the comments from the facebook page of the Ulster Herald and Tribune

    Yesterday at 8:59am
    Lorraine Coulter
    Lorraine Coulter Scott Longwell your next target
    2 · Yesterday at 9:00am
    Scott Longwell
    Scott Longwell *assassination

    The online newspaper site does not seem to have a contact link, or I would have sent it to them.

  2. Susan, Your god that God, that actual Christians worship and love. You are a devastating portrayal of Christians in the media and a devastating portrayal of what Jesus was actually like. I think you need to really consider what you are doing and the effect that it has for Christian witness in Northern Ireland and in this day and age of internet, the Christian Witness in the world.
    You may think that gay garriage is wrong, but Christianity and Politics always, always ought to remain separate. The Christian teaching of integrity, honesty, respect and loving your enemy are the only things that should be carried forward.

    You cannot alienate Muslims but banning Halal meat because it makes no difference to you at all. It is petty and ignorant. If you ban contraceptives to underage children, you will absolutely without a doubt cause teenage pregnancy rates to increase and although you want to close Marie Stopes Clinics, the girls will travel to England to have abortions.

    You can’t control people to abide by christian ideals in society but enforcing it through law. People will live by biblical teaching if they experience and learn about the love and acceptance of Jesus, not the bigoted agenda that you are pushing forward. I cannot even articulate how completely disgusted and saddened I am by everything you stand for. As a woman as well, opposing the feminist agenda, is obviously misinformed as if it wasn’t for brave women standing up for their rights, you would be in no position to run for election, never mind be allowed to vote.

    The most noble thing you can do, is examine yourself, examine your heart and if it is full of hatred for the LGBTQ community, people of other religions and obviously hatred of the world that exists around you then you need to step down. All of these issues need to be met with acceptance and respect and I don’t think you are in an position to do this.
    Susan, you are honestly a devastating embarrassment and you make me reluctant to say I am a Christian because I never, ever want to be considered to be similar to you.

    • Your theology is faulty. Your “Jesus” is not the Lord Jesus Christ we read about in the Old and New Testaments. Your non-judgemental Jesus is a figment of your imagination, so I’ll take no lectures from you.

  3. Hello Susan,

    So interesting about these do-gooders who want Christians to show love and compassion to every deviant thing. Of course we love them. Christian people were the first ones to establish charities, homes, and opportunitirs for people in need. Not just the material things–but Christians offer the teachings that guide people into making the moral choices thst keep their lives stable. Personally we have shown compassion to more people in our home, by providing shelter, food, counseling them to do right. We often help single mothers with their children. And, we are never reimbursed for expenses. When the left wants to help anyone, they want the state to provide for it . The state is their “church” which gives succor to broken lives but never show them a better way of life. . PThis attitude has produced the welfare society. Welfare makes a good husband. You just get his money but never have to build a relationship with the child’s father and have a home together. When we teach what is right to people lost in sin, we are accused of hatred. Jesus said Go and sin no more. Was that hateful? If you really love people you want to help them leave the sin that is weakening them.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. These critics also say Christianity and politics should be separate, are giving a false flag. All they do is make sin a political thing, so Christians will not dare to teach about it. They believe that respect and integrity and loving your enemy are the only things Christians can use. Yet if you really have integrity and really love people, you will rescue them and have compassion on them by teaching them what is right. All this talk of letting people destroy the culture is like refusing to leave a burning building when someone is trying to rescue you.

  5. For your information, women have been in politics since Biblical times, long before feminism. Feminism didnt invent education or political office for women. They give femininists credit for every privilige a d freedom a woman today has, but feminism had nothing to do with it. It began as a movement to stop men from spending their paychecks on alchohol and putting their children into poverty. The first feminists smashed the bars and pubs serving drinks to men, with little hatchets. They have strayed a long way from the original temperance movement. They used to march carrying banners thst read “No more alchohol” because it was breaking up marriages and orphaning children. Today the feminists are more likely to defend a womans right to leave her husband and children and go out drinking!

  6. “Christian people were the first ones to establish charities, homes, and opportunitirs for people in need” – Perhaps the White’s could enlighten the rest of us by specifying all the good charity/community work they do?

    Would be a nice touch for potential voters to see their other side (if there is one).

    • We will answer your question with these Bible verses from Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 6 verses 1-4. The Lord Jesus Christ is the speaker.

      “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

      “Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

      But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

      That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”

  7. In the US the women’s shelters, orphans homes, elder care homes, hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, food banks, adoption agencies, homes for pregnant girls, even alcoholics anonymous and drug rehabilitation were originally established by churches. They were eventually taken over by the State.

  8. All that oes not even include the enormity of things individual Christians have done for others on their own without the help of a church. Their hospitality and charity is boundless. It does not have to be an organization with a name, to be valid.

  9. Type in Christian Charities in your browser and count them. Maybe they opperate with less money than the state, but unlike the government, Christian charities operate on free will donations, rather than robbing the paycheck.

  10. Lydia – I was asking about the White’s specific contributions to Charities not Christians in general. As a potential voter I would find this information useful and also perhaps they could use their platform to inspire others… If they actually did any good things.

  11. Lydia,

    Have you no concept or knowledge of what other people who are not part of your religion have done for others – some before your christ was supposedly born. Are you so wound up in your own wee world where you are so better than everyone else that you only think that only your wee faction are good and the rest are bad.

    Lets look at the history of christianity’s moral gift to mankind, crusades to wipe out other religions (ironically what you lot are complaining about now), hatred of others who don’t agree with you, persecution till death of those who do not toe the line. When you did start religious homes or “so called help” for the destitute what did you do? A history of abuse which extends to modern day times.

    You have no moral gift to give because you have proved to be morally bankrupt. You are not even christlike.

    As Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    I have no problem with christians who welome that they are co-existent dwellers on this earth – entitled to their beliefs and accepting of others who have different beliefs but you and Ms White are dominionists who cannot just live by your own beliefs but have to demand that others live by yours.

    I will not mainly because your morals are a cesspit which if there was a hell deserve to be spawned from there.

  12. Congratulations to Lucy George’spots above. Agree with every word.

    You do the word Christian a disservice, Mrs and Mr White – perhaps reading those biblically correct other blogs you criticise would do you a world of good…

    ..for certainly no “goodness” can be found here.

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