Goldsmiths “University” offers lessons in depravity

Goldsmiths “University” in London England is one of many left wing establishments in the UK that hides its appalling depravity under the guise of “education.”

Goldsmiths is dominated by evil cultural Marxists.

It is pro-LGBT, pro-feminism, anti-Christian but pro-Islam and, pro-robot. Yes you read that correctly. Pro-robot. They had a conference in December 2016 entitled, “Love and sex with robots.”

Some of the courses they offer are “Queer Theory,” and  “Feminist and Queer of Colour Scholarship”?!!

Oh and one can also obtain a MA in Queer History!

A glance at the photos of some of the faculty leads us to conclude that they are all certifiably lunatics.

Only a doomed and decadent society (and the UK is certainly that) would permit such a devilish institution to operate.

But no surprise there because the UK Government has institutionalised the aberrant and the mad in virtually every strata of society.


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