Milo Yiannopoulos says “gay” gene is a big lie concocted by “gay” lobby (PS added)

A homosexual called Milo Yiannopoulos states in the video below that the homosexual lobby concocted the “born gay” ploy because they knew that Bible believers would never see homosexual activity as anything other than a sinful lifestyle.

This was one of the LGBT lobby’s attempts to silence all opposition to them and their behaviour.

It has always been obvious to those with discernment that the “gay” gene explanation of homosexuality was a ploy to gain public sympathy and acceptance but it is significant and unusual to hear this truth from a homosexual.

PS Milo Yiannopoulos is a vulgar and coarse homosexual, and a commenter on our blog has stated that he is also a holocaust denier and a neo-Nazi. We vehemently oppose Yiannopoulos’s lifestyle and his holocaust-denying and neo-Nazi views. We posted the video because it is so unusual to hear a homosexual tell the truth about any aspect of that destructive lifestyle. In stating what we already knew i.e that “gays” are not “born that way,” Yiannopoulos “let the cat out of the bag” and the LGBT lobby will do all they can to distract attention from what he revealed about them and their agenda.

17 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos says “gay” gene is a big lie concocted by “gay” lobby (PS added)

  1. And yet the LGBT community did not propose or originate the gene theory.

    That was, of course, our dear friend science, which has much evidence, nay proof, to the contrary.

    Yes, this speaker can make outrageous and unfounded claims. It may be new to hear it spoken (as holocaust-denial is), but as much as you may wish, it also doesn’t make it… well, true.

    And after all, this blog is about that. Truth.

    Please don’t spread falsehoods and lies. We had enough of that during Brexit and Trump last year, and some people are uninformed and too stupid to realise false facts are just that.

    • We never believed that homosexuals were “born that way” so Milo Yiannopoulos’s statements are not new to us. It is however unusual to hear such truths from a homosexual, because the LGBT lobby try to suppress the truth about the destructive “gay” lifestyle. Your mention of holocaust denial is strange because we do not deny the holocaust. We think it likely that you want our readers to link holocaust denial with denial of the “gay” gene myth. From whence cometh your pro-gay stance?

  2. More and more people are joining in with what I have been saying for years. Christians have realised that as soon as one nods one’s agreement with the modern “sexual orientation” doctrine, one has deserted the doctrine of Christ, the apostles, the other writers of books of the bible, and the entire creed-believing church, Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Reformed, of which the passage at the end of Romans 1 is a key authority accepted by just about every Christian church or denomination.

    Like an illusionist, who replaced the empty hate with one containing a rabbit before you realised that he was about to perform a trick, the LGBT deception is guaranteed to conquer the mind of the Christian who nod’s “yes” right at the very beginning of the flawed argument, when the deceiver says, casually, “you accept the existence of sexual orientation?”

  3. Milo Yiannopoulos a holocaust denier and self confessed neo Nazi is now your source for reason??? Crikey, another one to add to your list. Do you not see a pattern of the people whose opinions you endorse?

    • Milo Yiannopoulos is a vulgar and coarse homosexual. We vehemently oppose his lifestyle and his holocaust-denying and neo-Nazi views. The Nazis were savage devils. But you Sir are attempting to distract attention away from his statement about the “gay” gene being a big lie. It is a lie and Yiannopoulos is only one of many (mainly heterosexuals) who have stated this fact. It is very unusual for a homosexual like him to “let the cat out of the bag.” By the way, we are adding a postscript to this post.

  4. No I am not trying to distract attention from the gay gene debate, I am saying that your source on the issue has no credibility whatsoever.

    • Whence this daft idea, that nobody should quote anybody else, unless the quoter is willing for the whole world to infer that the quoter approves of everything there is to know about the quoted?

  5. No issue with alternative viewpoints here. But it would be good not to choose someone whose discourse is so cruel, divisive and hate-filled. I’m sure others have proposed this theory before.

    I would have the same objections if Milo Y stated he believes in literal young Earth creationism, despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary. His Holocaust denial alone makes him a despicable source to quote – but high standards are not always present on this blog. I suppose strange bedfellows do often co-habit… but it seems very inconsistent editorialism.

  6. JohnAllman – That isn’t what I am saying at all, I am saying that a holocaust denier and nazi has no credibility. I also wouldn’t quote Ian Huntley’s childcare tips nor Fred West’s Patio laying advice, why? Because they are tainted by other actions and character – but hey if you believe all that Neo Nazi’s/Hatemongers/Homophobes/Racists tell you then you wouldn’t be the first, Bird’s of a Feather and all that.

    • The American mass murderer Ted Bundy (who was justly executed for his crimes) stated that pornography was a factor in the murders he committed. We have quoted his comments about the dangers of pornography (on the radio and possibly on our blog) so, if we understand your strange logic correctly, for us to quote Bundy would cause people to think of the phrase “birds of a feather and all that.” Nonsense Leroy!

    • “if you believe all that Neo Nazi’s/Hatemongers/Homophobes/Racists tell you”

      You are condemning believing ANYTHING these people say, not just believing “all” they say. If I quote a Roman emperor, that doesn’t make me pro-crucifixion.

      Secondly, why are you comparing “homophobes” with Neo Nazis, hatemongers and racists?

  7. So you now trust and quote the words of a mass murderer as well? I feel this proves my point.

    Nazis and Murders (and others) by their actions have sacrificed their right to have a reasoned opinion have they not? Do people ever say “I dont agree with mass genocide, but that Adolf Hitler certainly did a great job sorting out the German economy, and we could learn a about managing our finances from him”? No they dont because his evil actions clouded everything else he ever did.

    PS- hows about a nice positive post someday to brighten things up a bit, you know about positive Christian work in the community or something? I am sure behind the scenes you have a compassion for others that we could learn from – A New Year and a New Start etc.

    Peace and Love

    • The mass murderer Bundy stated that he had repented of his wickedness although only God knows if his repentance was genuine, and even if it was, he still deserved the death penalty. However his statements about the dangers of pornography have been made by many others, such as Christian psychologist Dr.James Dobson who served on an American Government commission that studied the dangers of pornography. Bundy wanted people to know that addiction to porn could lead them to commit murder. We have a question for you Leroy. You say that certain people have “sacrificed their right to have a reasoned opinion.” Do your views apply to the terrorists and former terrorists at the heart of our Government? To be consistent, you would have to say “yes.” In our opinion, such people have forfeited the right and privilege to be in any position of power, and in fact, if we had righteous laws in NI, such people would not be in Government because they would either be in prison or (if guilty of murder) have been executed (as Bundy was.) If an evildoer repents or at least tells the truth about his or her lifestyle and/or crimes, then their words can be quoted as a warning to others (from the horses mouth) not to do what he or she has done. However, quoting such people is one thing, but to join forces with such people, NEVER. An organisation that has done this is the Christian Institute, and we condemn them for it. They joined forces with Peter Tatchell the homosexual activist and a dangerous man who has never admitted that homosexuality is abnormal and sinful and that there is a LGBT agenda. The Christian Institute ignored the truth about Tatchell and joined forces with him anyway, supposedly to protect free speech. Milo Yiannopoulos stated that the “gay” gene is a big lie concocted by the homosexual lobby and we think people needed to hear a homosexual admit that, but we would NEVER join forces with Yiannopoulos for any reason. Quoting and associating with are two different things.

  8. Well, quoting and directly associating may be two different things, but you’re doing a blinder of a job pushing people to hear Milo Y’s other hate-filled rhetoric. In a way, your promotion of him associates this blog with him, 5)4 alt-right and his wider views. This is only through perception, yes, but you make strange bedfellows nonetheless.

    The Bundy/NI Executive/Tatchell point above doesn’t really hold water, nor make sense, so I won’t bother replying to it, other than to note that a previous poster’s point that you wouldn’t ask a child killer for babysitting advice or an infamous backyard murderer for patio-laying tips sums up the argument on disreputable sourcing.

    For example, I would not give this URL as an example of a wholesome, truthful Christian blog. Same example.

    • Give one example of an untruth on our blog. How dare you say that we are promoting Milo Yiannopoulis and that we are “pushing people to hear his other hate-filled rhetoric.” We knew that the LGBT lobby and their supporters would go berserk when we posted a video in which one of their own “let’s the cat out of the bag” and tells the truth about the LGBT agenda, and your reaction to our post is oh so predictable. You and your ilk are now pulling out all the stops and seeking to erect a smokescreen over Yiannopoulis’s admission that the “gay” gene propaganda was (and is) a lie. Our comments about Ted Bundy and the effect pornography had on him were well made, and quoting what he said does not make us mass murderers. Quoting a truthful statement about the “gay” agenda from Yiannopoulis does not make us neo-Nazis or holocaust deniers. Here is a suggestion for you Sir, go and find a liberal “Christian” blog because there are many out there. Our blog is discerning and analytical and uncompromising and we are not concerned about what people think about us. The truth is what sets us free and we aim to share the truth about every subject we cover.

  9. As you said above: Do your views apply to the terrorists and former terrorists at the heart of our Government? To be consistent, you would have to say “yes.” – That’s a brilliant example of what I am talking about and I do indeed say “Yes”! without getting into Politics as I do that on other blogs I wholeheartedly agree with what you say and it proves my point as I am sure you also say “Yes”.

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