Cosmetic company gives Islam a “makeover,” then promotes androgyny!

Cosmetics company CoverGirl is busily engaged in portraying Islam with a pretty face (except for the unsightly nose ring), a pretty face which covers up (pardon the pun) the truth about Islam and the danger it poses to the West.

Not content with “beautifying” Islam, CoverGirl is now busily engaged in “beautifying” men i.e promoting androgyny.

The hideous painted face of 17 year old James Charles is now CoverGirls’s  “Cover Boy!” (see video and article below.)

The deluded young man is obviously abnormal, but so is the hideous, sinister cosmetics company CoverGirl.

7 thoughts on “Cosmetic company gives Islam a “makeover,” then promotes androgyny!

  1. Oh, so now they have a cover boy. This company thinks itnis going somewhere wih such insanity but it is losing sales, just like their 2014 advertising disaster when they used Ellen degenerate. Other companies followed the trend that year and sales went down, causing some stores to go out of business. They need a good dose of reality. Watch and see this company go down. Already there are customer complaints that the products are causing allergic reactions, making us suspect they will be out of business soon…we hope.

  2. I dont think the Muslims approve of androgyny and I doubt they are buying this brand. They have other sources. That is why I say they are destroying their own business. Of course most people with business just care about sales, not who is doing the buying. So why does Cover Girl make a big deal about who they are selling it to? Next thing will be doggy cosmetics, just to be fair.

    • “CoverGirl” cosmetics are promoting a multicultural agenda, hence the Muslim “covergirl.” They are attempting to “mainstream” Islam and hoodwink Americans into thinking that dangerous Islam is as American as “motherhood and apple pie.” CoverGirl cosmetics are also attempting to make sexual deviancy appear normal, hence their “coverboy.”

  3. Yet another pointless post and horrible follow-up comments from you about Ellen Degeneres, who exhibits nothing but kindness and compassion when I see her speak.

    I really hope none of your children or extended family grow up to be gay – imagine their going back and reading this blog. How sad that would be for them?

    So shameful and inhumane, so very sad.

    • Milo Yiannopoulos describes himself as a homosexual and his speech is coarse and vulgar at times, yet he does not claim that homosexuals are “born gay.” See video below in which he states that the “gay” gene lie was started by the homosexual lobby.

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