Handwriting on the wall for the DUP

Did the professing Christians in the  Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) really think that God would overlook their appalling decision to go along with pardoning that which He says is an abomination i.e sodomy?

He will not and He has not!

The present furore surrounding the Northern Ireland Assembly in general and the DUP in particular reveals the corruption at the heart of the godless mandatory coalition that governs Northern Ireland.

It is interesting to note that MLA Jonathan Bell was “conscience-stricken” about the Renewable Heating Initiative (and his role in it) many months after last May’s Assembly election and not before, even though the problems with the RHI pre-date the election.

It is also interesting to note that neither Mr.Bell nor any other DUP MLA or Minister had a “fit of conscience” when they were instructed to toe the Party line and agree with the pardoning of acts of gross indecency i.e sodomy and their consciences were also malfunctioning (or dead) last June when the DUP in the Executive went along with lifting the ban on homosexuals giving blood.

Two other well known DUP politicians, Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson also appear to have malfunctioning (or dead) consciences, evidenced by their support for “buffer zones” at abortion clinics, the effect of which will be to make it easier for women to enter abortion clinics, unhindered by pro-life activists, to have their unborn children killed.

It is difficult to ascertain the truth about the present furore surrounding the RHI because when it comes to many politicians (we do not say all) truth is a stranger and it and they have yet to be introduced.

We long for godly rulers from whom proceed righteous judgements, but we have not been blessed with them. May God hasten the day when we will have rulers who will punish the evildoers and praise the God-fearing in the land.

4 thoughts on “Handwriting on the wall for the DUP

  1. Of course the DUP kept quiet!
    If the crime is now revoked, it is only right that posthumous pardons on unjust prosecutions be given! These were hardly murderers! One of them – Alan Turing – helped to end WWII far more quickly than might otherwise have been the case!

    Incidentally, there was hardly a murmur on the Pope’s potential visit from the DUP, the Presbyterian Church or Caleb either a few weeks ago. This, like the above pardoning, is merely progress. Expect more of it as we grow up as a species.

    You’ll no doubt quote biblically on the reasons why the DUP should have been more vocal. Well, I don’t see the statute books full of Biblical law about wearing garments woven from separate threads, shellfish or daughters-to-be-stoned either.

    The law and religion are and will continue to be separate. This is as it should be. Laws must be moral, yes, but that’s what society collectively determines.

    Make no mistake, a referendum on same sex marriage is coming to NI, and like the rest of the UK, it will become law.

    There are far greater, actual crimes, you could be bothered about. All I see on here is bigoted comments on the gay community, Muslims, black South Africans etc. Their purpose can only be divisive and hateful – about as far from true Christianity as it is possible to get. Monumentally sad, really.

    • You Sir have no comprehension of Biblical Christianity, none at all. Forget the sentimental “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild” because the God described in the Bible is a man of war (metaphorically speaking) and He thundereth and is furious. He takes vengeance and is angry with the wicked every day. The Lord Jesus Christ is God, God the Son and Jesus was angry on occasions in the New Testament. God’s law is King and all are subject to it, including those living in a godless secular State. The laws of every nation should mirror the law of God. We have no connection to the DUP but we are horrified at their compromises, and those within DUP ranks who call themselves Christians are duty bound to uphold God’s law. Those “Christian” compromisers in the DUP need to repent of their silence in the matter of sodomite “pardons” and the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood and in agreeing to share power with unrepentant terrorists and their apologists thereby rewarding evildoers. If they refuse to repent, the “Christians” in the DUP should cease claiming to be Christians. Sadly, homosexual “marriage” may be legalised in Northern Ireland and, if so, we will hold the silent Pastors and Ministers and Christian politicians responsible. Every society that has embraced sexual anarchy has collapsed and self-destructed. There have been no exceptions! Let this fact be a warning to Northern Ireland. You mentioned the possibility of a Papal visit to NI. We would not welcome such a visit because we believe that Roman Catholicism has added to and taken away from the Bible. We are not Free Presbyterians but we have observed the compromise in their ranks and, as we have already said, in the Caleb Foundation also.

      • Your type of god certainly explains why you are the way you are. You worship a violent god and live by a book of violence. What a shame people like you took christianity and made it such a joke. You are unhappy people with an unhappy god living unhappy lives. Jesus would have nothing to do with you if he met you.

  2. You say your “God” is a “man of war (metaphorically speaking) and He thundereth and is furious. He takes vengeance and is angry with the wicked every day” – If so then why ddi he create the wicked? Why, if he is so powerful, does he not get rid of them? We are mere tiny beings on an insignificant little planet that means nothing to the rest of the Universe. So why would your “God” literally waste time creating us little insects, only to hate, condemn and judge us?? Surely in the vastness of the Universe he’d have better things to do? There are very likely to be other bigger planets in the vast universe with other beings, maybe much more important and better than we are, that your “God” could concentrate on…..so why does he waste his time using all his anger and energy on us?

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