A glaring omission in Free Presbyterian statement – Church discipline!

The Government and Morals Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church (FPC) issued a statement after the Northern Ireland Assembly passed a motion pardoning homosexuals, living and deceased, who were convicted of gross indecency (sodomy) during the time when homosexuality was a criminal offence.

The statement was weak because the FPC did not name and shame the cowardly politicians in the Democratic Unionist Party who remained silent or in hiding during the debate on the hideous motion. Some of those DUP politicians are professing Christians AND members of the FPC.

Then the FPC issued another statement, a “strengthened” statement which was still weak because, as with the first statement, the FPC failed to name and shame their erring members.

The FPC, in addition to naming them should have set in motion the wheels of Church discipline. In times past, the Free Presbyterian hierarchy were very quick to discipline (and sometimes excommunicate) Ministers, elders and members who had not committed anything like the transgressions the Free Presbyterian DUP politicians are guilty of. They had simply disagreed with a decision or course of action taken by the FPC.

There was no place for dissension in the FPC, consequently, the dissenters were silenced or excommunicated.

Why do the hierarchy of the FPC continue to wring their hands about the actions of their members in the DUP but take no action against them?

It is high time that the FPC showed their cowardly DUP brethren the back seat (of discipline) or the door (of excommunication.)

The other professing Christians in the DUP who are members of other Evangelical churches should likewise be disciplined by their ruling elders.

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