Woe to those who call evil good

An Amnesty International member from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Diana King and two likeminded comrades, Colette Devlin and Kitty O’Kane, have been named as three of 100 “Leading Global Thinkers” by a left-wing rag called “Foreign Policy” magazine.

They were so named for “committing a righteous crime.”

What does a left-wing rag consider a “righteous crime” you may ask?

Procuring abortion pills to give to women who do not want lethal medication posted through their letterbox!

To the darkened minds of “Foreign Policy” magazine, such wicked, illegal activities on the part of all concerned (procurer and user) is a “righteous crime!!”

To all such, the Bible pronounces the strongest warning, described by the word “woe.”

“Woe” is an exclamation of judgement upon God’s enemies, so be warned you godless trio and be warned “Foreign Policy” magazine because God takes vengeance on His enemies and He reserves particular wrath for “hands that shed innocent blood.”

Read about King, Devlin and O’Kane below,


3 thoughts on “Woe to those who call evil good

  1. Your god has been lacking in the woe department – in fact he is nowhere to be seen. Given your pronouncements on his wrath you would have expected to see something, anything, from him but no – nothing, not a sausage. One would be tempted to believe that he does not exist and that you are talking nonsense.

    Do you never get tired of telling us all what your god will do to us if we don’t do what you say when he doesn’t even turn up at the party?

  2. “God takes vengeance on His enemies and He reserves particular wrath for “hands that shed innocent blood”…… does he really? Why then in the Bible, does your “God” have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents on his own hands. Or is it a case of that it’s not ok for innocent Blood to be spilled if your “God” is not doing it?

    • The lecture at link below is called “Moral Objections to the Old Testament” and covers the battles the Israelites were commanded by God to fight. You may find answers to some of your questions.

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