Christian school was unwise to hold Marie Curie “Pink Day”

On 21st October this year the Clogher Valley Independent Christian School in Northern Ireland held their first Marie Curie “Pink Day.”

Marie Curie is a charity which provides care and support for people living with terminal illness.

A necessary service to be sure, but there is more to Marie Curie than meets the eye.

Last year the Marie Curie organisation marched in London’s “gay” Pride parade!

This fact alone should send shock waves throughout that Christian school. Furthermore, the entire “pink” phenomenon (pink days, pink ribbons etc) is a money-making industry and seeks to downplay the seriousness of breast cancer with its emphasis on floaty, fluffy pink toys and other items.

The “pink” industry may also give the impression that breast cancer is more common than it is and thereby scare women into giving money for “research” which never seems to find a cure!  Feminism’s ugly head also lurks just under the surface of the “pink” breast cancer industry despite the fact that many feminists think that “pink stinks” because of the time honoured tradition of pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Feminists who dislike the colour pink don’t mind the use of pink coloured merchandise as long as it prioritises women’s cancers at the expense of men’s cancers.

During their “pink” day, the Clogher Valley Christian school encouraged its pupils (boys and girls) to dress in something pink. Facebook photos show the embarrassing spectacle of young Christian boys (in particular) draped in pink scarves.

We hope that that school’s “pink” day will be its last.

Read about Marie Curie charity’s participation in London Pride at link below,

4 thoughts on “Christian school was unwise to hold Marie Curie “Pink Day”

  1. Colour is irrelevant Ms White. Your time honoured tradition only extends back to about 1910, before that time in the UK pink and red were boys colours and blue was for girls. Other countries have very different colour traditions none of which have any effect on the child.

    I agree with Frank

    • My designation is “Mrs” not “Ms.” I know you use “Ms” to deliberately irritate me. Please address the parts of the post that concerns the cancer “industry” and Marie Curie’s participation in London Pride during which some of the LGBT participants dressed in dog masks and were led about by chains around their necks. Hardly an image that Marie Curie would want to be associated with, one would assume.

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