CISTA exploit Billy Caldwell case to give “pot” a good name

The pro-cannabis political Party known as CISTA (which stands for Cannabis is safer than alcohol,) have been duping the public for some time now with their “medical cannabis” scam i.e  use the medical cannabis(marijuana) argument to give “pot” a good name.

They are now using the case of young Billy Caldwell, who has life-threatening  epilepsy and is presently in the USA awaiting brain surgery for his condition, to further their agenda.

Billy’s doctor in the US has prescribed cannabis oil to help prevent his seizures. However there is disagreement among epilepsy specialists as to the safety and effectiveness of cannabis oil as a treatment for seizures.

A survey was conducted between May and September 2014 on cannabidiol treatment for epilepsy (see link below) and some of the results are as follows,

Only 34% said there was enough data on the safety of CBD to support its use.

Only 28% said there was enough information on its effectiveness.

48% of specialists say they would recommend CBD treatment for severe epilepsy.

So obviously, there is no medical consensus on the use of CBD as a treatment for epilepsy.

CISTA are lobbying for the legalisation of cannabis as a recreational drug but they are happy to exploit the medical marijuana argument to achieve their goal. They do not want to use cannabis/marijuana for medicinal purposes. They want to smoke the weed to get high.

Sadly, young Billy’s mother has allied herself with the “legalise pot” lobby in her campaign to persuade the Northern Ireland Assembly to legalise cannabis for medical use.

We urge our readers to read the articles linked to below to read more about the unscrupulous people behind the “medical marijuana” scam.

One thought on “CISTA exploit Billy Caldwell case to give “pot” a good name

  1. The marijuana movement began in the area on which I live. Ten years ago many people who smoled it in college began getting very ill with all kinds of diseases that deteriorated their bodies. It is interesting the men were more stricken by these diseases. They sought cures in Mexico, to no avail. There is a talk show host named Michael Savage that talks about this, and some of his programs are on YouTube. He lives in California and observed many of the celebrities his age dying while he, who avoided marijuana is still functional. He talks about how people say marijuana is harmless but it is very deceiving because using it leads to other drug use and it also has side effects years later that no one is talking about. It’s use destroys ambition and judgement and everything needed for a man to have a productive and enjoyable life.

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