A smokescreen to cover up Muslim child-rape gangs??

Yet another media feeding frenzy, fed by allegations of sexual abuse in footballing circles.

At first the allegations were made on the mainland but now there are those in Northern Ireland football circles apparently making the same allegations.

Whilst sexual abuse is an horrific reality, we cannot believe that it is so rampant and widespread, and the media choose to forget that there is such a thing as FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

Yet in today’s world, it seems that every accuser is believed, and because of this mentality, the lives of many innocent people have been destroyed.

There has been little or no mention in the press about the horrific sex attacks on young girls by Muslim gangs in places like Rotherham and Leicester in England.

The wicked acts of these Muslim gangs has been mostly ignored and covered up because those in authority love multiculturalism in general and Islam in particular and they don’t want the general populace to see that multiculturalism has been a disaster for the UK (and the rest of Europe.)

The PC multiculturalists are more afraid of being called “racist” than they are of these dangerous sex-obsessed Muslim hordes.

By the way, Islam is not a race.

Other countries in Europe like Sweden, Norway and France have also borne the brunt of mass, uncontrolled immigration of (mostly) Muslims and the results have been horrific. There has been an explosion of sex attacks on women and young girls (and sometimes young boys) perpetrated by Muslims. A Muslim man attacked and raped a young boy in a swimming pool in a European country recently and the dimwit authorities in that country accepted his explanation that he didn’t know that it was illegal to sodomise a young boy in that country!

All of this wickedness is virtually ignored by the media who are now engaging in a feeding frenzy about alleged sexual abuse in footballing circles.

This has all the hallmarks of a smokescreen about it.

The media also ignore the threat some homosexuals pose to children. Don’t forget that during the homosexual riot at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco in 1993, the sodomites shouted “Give us your children. We want your children.”

5 thoughts on “A smokescreen to cover up Muslim child-rape gangs??

  1. Re the San Franciso “Riots” – these we in fact largely peaceful protests against the hate speeches of the Pastor in the church. No arrests were made and there is no evidence of the chanting you described (Bar from the pastor), there is lots of video footage so it is strange that they missed the most incriminating shouts that you stated. Furthermore, you have managed to find an example of Homosexual unrest from nearly a quarter of a century ago half way across the world – kudos for that. Are there any examples of heterosexuals committing crimes that you can think of that may have happened the meantime? Perhaps against homosexuals or other heterosexuals?

    • In the 1980’s in San Francisco, homosexuals attempted to murder Pastor Chuck McIlhenny and his family (his story is told in the book “When the wicked seize a city.”) Then in 1993 homosexuals rioted at Hamilton Square Baptist Church (mentioned in our post.) Christians have been threatened by homosexuals when they engaged in Gospel outreach at “gay” pride parades in London and other English cities. After I took part in the West Tyrone Decides pre-election debate in 2015 (the entire debate is on youtube) someone calling himself or herself “tad57” left a comment about me, and it reads as follows, “i say we go on a hetero hunt and kill this c…” (the commenter did not blank out any of that vile word.) I fear that eventually homosexuals in Northern Ireland will resort to violence. It appears to be the modus operandi of at least some of them.

      • Given that christians have advocated and have carried out the murder of homosexuals for centuries It really is a bit rich that you should be outraged if some of them fight back.

        You do realise that, if your manufactured anecdotes are to be believed, you are castigating a group of people for actions which you actually promote against them through that tripe you call a bible.

        Your fear of homosexuals in Northern Ireland is as bogus as everything else you spew onto the internet and is not founded on reality – it’s just your own paranoid delusions.

        • Provide evidence that Bible-believing Christians have been murdering homosexuals for centuries. The Bible does not advocate the murder of homosexuals (or anyone else for that matter.) We do not fear individual homosexuals but we do fear the LGBT agenda because it is destroying society.

  2. You need not ‘fear’ the LGBT community for they are certainly not looking for anything other than decency and respect and fair treatment.

    Just as they do not fear Christians – of course, a great many of them *are* Christians themselves, included in so many congregations across the land
    and fully partaking within the Christian community.

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