Liberal “Christian” likens white skin to a disease!

Martin Young is a South African doctor, an ENT surgeon to be precise, and he obviously hates the colour of his white skin.

In an article, he actually said that “whiteness is like herpes”!!

He describes himself as a Christian! However, he did or does attend his local Vineyard church and they are a liberal trendy lot so that goes someway to explaining the hateful nonsense that spews out of the ENT surgeon’s mouth.

He has nothing to say about the hideous murder and rape statistics in South Africa (the perpetrators are mostly black) nor has he anything to say about the fact that black rule has all but destroyed South Africa (in every way that a country can be destroyed.)

His appalling article is nothing other than an exercise in self -loathing for being white and an apology to non-whites that such a “disease” i.e white skin exists.

Read his despicable article below.

PS  Thank you to Oz Conservative website for posting a link to Dr.Martin Young’s article

2 thoughts on “Liberal “Christian” likens white skin to a disease!

  1. While his comments are a bit odd, certainly the white population – and the world generally – still have a long way to go to eradicate racism from thought and mind, and to overcome past prejudices and ideas of “other”.

    The human race is the only one that counts. As our societies becomes more multi-cultural, let’s hope that in 2-300 years after several generations, no one will see a person’s skin colour at all, only the person they demonstrate themselves to be.

    The science fiction stories of the future, telling of mankind’s move beyond our own petty differences, including race and economic drudgery, have this exactly right, I believe.

    The future will be worth waiting for, once we open our eyes to see beyond hate.

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