Did she really say that?!! (she can’t be serious)

I heard a ridiculous nonsensical comment on BBC Radio Ulster’s “Sunday Sequence” programme this morning during a discussion on “Work-life balance,” a subject and a phrase much loved and much used by the PC establishment.

A woman by the name of B.J.Epstein was one of the contributors. At one point in the discussion, she said, “I have a wife and daughter…..!”

Not one of the brainwashed and cowardly others on the programme confronted this lesbian about her destructive lifestyle. They all reacted as if Epstein had said nothing out of the ordinary. They (including the presenter of the programme) are all collaborators with the enemies of all that is good, wholesome and normal by giving the impression that the abnormal is normal and that evil is good.

Shame on you cowards!

B.J.Epstein, you do not have a “wife” because two women cannot marry. You have a live-in girlfriend, a lesbian like yourself, and only one of you has a daughter because it is a biological impossibility for one women to impregnate the other.

We pity the young child who lives in your home. She is more likely to be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle, and she is more likely to be abused by homosexuals than by the general populace.

40 times more likely, in fact.


8 thoughts on “Did she really say that?!! (she can’t be serious)

  1. I understand the citizens are required by law to pay for the BBC which freely and unhindered broadcasts into your homes. That propaganda is the media which promotes these unholy life choices. Follow the money and find one of the sources of societal corruption–the corporations and banks

  2. What on Earth Does the phrase “Work Life Balance” have to do with Political Correctness? Seriously, it is very easy to just blame all and sundry on the “PC Brigade”, but at least make some sense.

    Also your last 2 sentences (apart from terrible grammar as always) are complete and utter nonsense, do some proper research (i.e. Not Google, a quick internet search can be used to prove anything and do bring up questionable sources).

    • “Work-life balance” IS traceable to feminism and its “language,” Political Correctness. When men were the breadwinners there was no talk about “work-life balance.” Feminism has made housewives think that they must be out in the workforce and if they are not, they are made to feel that by staying at home they are contributing little or nothing to society, and, as most married women have children, feminism had to come up with some novel way to help women (and force employers) to juggle work and family life. Feminism must keep women in the workforce at all costs regardless of who (and it is usually the children) suffers. Feminism is a wicked ideology and is responsible for many of society’s ills. Regarding your comment about our grammar, you surprise us because we believe that we are grammatically correct and write with phenomenal clarity. Our research is not in any way amateurish and can be trusted for accuracy. Unlike you Leroy, we think the standard of writing and grammar on our blog is superb. We have deleted your comment about the Pastor. You will not make unfounded insinuations on our blog.

      • Feminism came about because Women were fed up of being treated as Second Class. For years Women were not allowed to Vote, and were expected to live to the stereotype of “get married, have children, look after the Husband, Kids and Home” and were not expected to have any other ambitions.
        So you should “think” Mrs White… If things had remained your way, not only would the World be hellishly worse for many many innocent People who already find it hard to live in this World as it is, but you would also likely not be “allowed” to do what you are doing now. Only your Husband would, even though he seems to choose to not be seen in public, preferring to leave that to you, that would likely NOT be allowed in your World.

  3. You do leave a lot of commas out where they are necessary, I’m afraid. Enough to get by, yes, but hardly professional. Your self-praise (feeling the blog is “superb” and “phenomenal”) is quite worthy of Trump!

    As just one example above re: the grammar, it should read “Unlike you, Leroy, we…” etc.

    As for the work-life balance, the term may not have existed in ye olden times, but there’s no doubt that men needed more breaks and time at home with family than work once permitted too. That term is now used – quite rightly – to refer to the restful needs of both men and women.

    The comments on feminism being the root of much of society’s ills is very foolish. On the contrary, equality in the workplace and in the world generally is one of the hallmarks of the 20th Century’s achievements!

    There are few job which men and women can not do to a largely equal extent. I passed a woman working on a building site in Omagh this very day! Granted, she may not have been carrying the bricks around, but she certainly seemed every bit as involved in the discussion as those she discussed the project with.

    Time marches on – it may be time for you to consult a calendar. It’s 2016, not 1916!

    • Oh dear, you left off the letter “s” from the word “job,” and, as far as we know, the words “can” and “not” should be written as follows, “cannot” or “can’t.” Hope you enjoyed the English lesson from writers par excellence.

  4. Cannot is more usual, but “can not” is not actually incorrect, although had I not been typing on a phone which sometimes autocorrects, I probably would have used the former.

    The missing ‘s’ from jobs was a by-product of some speedy typing. I do post on quite a lot of Christian blogs on my train commute, so the phone is easiest.

    The point stands that the blog sometimes errs, yes, but then so do we all. I must admit, I would be glad of the spelling and grammar errors in posts if the content was actually factually, biblically or decently correct!

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