Patrick Corrigan’s death wish for N.Ireland’s unborn babies

The left-wing rag called the Guardian newspaper published an article recently by one of their left-wing comrades, Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI.

That wretched organisation are agitating virtually non-stop to force abortion on demand (and sodomite “marriage,” and uncontrolled immigration) on Northern Ireland.

Corrigan’s article in the Guardian praised the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon for offering abortions to Northern Ireland women on National Health Service (NHS) Scotland.

However he would prefer NI women to have the convenience of killing their unborn babies on their doorstep rather than having to travel to Scotland, England or Wales.

Miss/Mrs Sturgeon obviously believes that women have the “right” to terminate the lives of their unwanted unborn children and she is looking into the possibility of offering NI women the same “right” free of charge.

Abortions ARE carried out in Northern Ireland (sadly) and Patrick Corrigan knows this to be the case. The Marie Stopes  abortuary in Belfast terminates the lives of unborn babies up to nine weeks of pregnancy and they get around the strict NI abortion laws by stating that they believed the pregnant woman’s life was in danger, or that the pregnancy would harm her, when she is less than nine week’s pregnant??

It is wicked that Marie Stopes commits these heinous acts and gets away with it but Corrigan and his ilk want to go even further. They want abortion on demand at any gestational time and for any reason!

He mentioned the deeply compromised Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in his newspaper article and stated that Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention “has enraged the deeply conservative DUP.”

Yet the Belfast Telegraph quoted a DUP source about the Scottish First Minister’s abortion offer and he or she responded with, “The law on abortion in Northern Ireland is a matter for the NI Assembly to decide.”

That does not sound like an “enraged” response, now does it?

For Corrigan to state that the DUP were “enraged” is nonsense and to describe them as “deeply conservative” is also nonsense, and a review of their recent record will prove this to be so.

In recent times, the “deeply conservative” DUP have agreed to the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood.

The “deeply conservative” DUP supported the pardoning of the late homosexual Alan Turing who was convicted of gross indecency.”

Two “deeply conservative” DUP MP’s (Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson) support “buffer zones” at abortion clinics. These zones are designed to make it easy for women to enter abortion clinics  unhindered by pro-life protestors who would urge them not to kill their unborn baby.

Need we say any more?


2 thoughts on “Patrick Corrigan’s death wish for N.Ireland’s unborn babies

  1. once again you are all talk, no follow through , no substance

    here is a link to the offences against the person act. no where in it does it say that the act must only take place in Northern Ireland for it to be illegal

    If the DUP and pro-lifers paid more than lip service to the law, they would be insisting that women who leave here pregnant with child and return not pregnant without child are arrested and brought before the courts,

    I stress again there is nothing in the OAPA1861 that says the abortion has to take place in Northern Ireland,

    • Are you and “Ger” one and the same? Regarding your comment, why do you give credit to the DUP as pro-lifers? They are going liberal on abortion, and don’t forget that two of their number (Gavin Robinson and Sammy Wilson) want to make it easy for women to enter abortion clinics to kill their unborn children. The DUP doesn’t deserve credit, it deserves condemnation. We believe that abortion is murder. It is murder in Scotland, it is murder in NI. It is murder full stop. Those who have abortions in NI and those who carry out the killings should be arrested and charged with murder. Ditto for any woman who leaves NI to have an abortion and then returns to NI. The doctors and nurses in other countries who kill the unborn children of NI women who have gone to other countries to procure abortions should be reported to the Police in those other countries by the PSNI because said medics are guilty of murder.

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