Abortion is a heinous crime, Adrianne Peltz

South African feminist Adrianne Peltz was mischief-making as usual on the Nolan radio show this morning.

She was on the same show last week. Both times she was discussing one of her favourite subjects i.e  agitating for the murder of unborn children  by calling it “health care.”

On the show this morning she mentioned that the UN Convention on Human Rights as it applies to children states that they must be protected from heinous crimes. Yet she doesn’t see abortion as a heinous crime!

Out of her own mouth she condemned herself. She wants unborn children to be the victims of heinous crimes i.e abortion and she wants such killings to be declared legal.

Adrianne Peltz, you are a wicked woman and unborn children are in extreme danger from people like you.

We will continue to oppose and expose you and your monstrous ilk and we will continue to call for human abortion to be abolished AND for the imprisonment of both the medical staff who act as paid assassins and the pregnant women who hire these hit-men and hit-women.

13 thoughts on “Abortion is a heinous crime, Adrianne Peltz

    • The day is coming Madam when God will laugh at you, for He sees your day (of judgement) is coming. The Bible says that “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh…” So go ahead you wicked woman, laugh yourself into hell, but know this, you won’t laugh yourself out of it.

  1. This website is a cruel one – from the writers to some posters.

    Dreadful. A waste of human spirit.

    Not one single redeeming feature, from spiteful posts and cruel dehumanising rhetoric on the topics chosen. And far from Biblically accurate in places too.

    And not a single cheek being turned by the commenters. Don’t rise to it – the postings are designed to upset, it’s so obvious. Quite sad.

    • Name one Biblical inaccuracy in any of our posts. We note that you had nothing to say about the heinous crime of abortion and no condemnation for those who want to see abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time during pregnancy. Go and find a liberal “Christian” blog which spouts airy-fairy PC nonsense about God loving everybody and Christians loving everybody. He doesn’t and neither do we. There are many of those blogs so take your pick. Our blog is not in that category. It is unique and probably the only fundamentalist hardline Christian blog in the UK. Our only concern is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Biblical Christianity will offend those who do not know Christ as their personal Saviour, and we never allow concerns about people’s reactions to truth to stop us telling the truth.

  2. Very simple solution to the abortion issue that i don’t think you have considered, it will hopefully put your mind at rest. step 1, woman has abortion – although not mentioned ever in the Bible this may or may not be sinful. Step 2, in case it is sinful ask for Gods forgiveness and repent (this applies the doctors who perform the operation). Step 3. Sin is wiped out and everyone is happy (Acts 3:19)

    The great thing is that this applies to all sins

    No need to thank me.

    • God forgives all sins except for the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, that is true. However there are some sins that are also crimes e.g murder, rape, abortion, homosexual activity and God requires that there must be judicial punishment also. As an example we cite the Nuremberg trials after WW2. We have read of at least one Nazi official who repented of his terrible sins/crimes and became a Christian. He had been sentenced to hang. He was hanged for his sins/crimes because God’s law has always stated that anyone who takes a life must forfeit his own. Yes God will certainly forgive a repentant sinner but if the offence he committed was a capital offence, there is a judicial price to pay as well and sometimes that means execution and sometimes imprisonment.

      • So Mr and Mrs White, its interesting to note how once again you are “twisting” Verses from the Man-made Book known as the Bible, in order to to manipulate it to suit your agenda despite the fact that you FAIL to see how you constantly contradict yourselves. For one example you say that Rape is a crime that requires Judicial Punishment. Why then in the Bible does it say that Lot offered his Daughters to Men so they wouldn’t “have” other Men?? Its literally saying it was perfectly ok for him to “sell” his Daughers to these Men to have their way with them, ie RAPE them. Also your “God” Murdered many himself, for example parting the Red Sea for Moses and his followers to cross, yet flooded it again to drown the Soldiers who went after them, and yes that would have been “Murder” because those Soldiers were only carrying out orders, only doing what they were told to do, yet your “God” MURDERED them.
        Also by your reckoning, your “God” will forgive certain sins but then “requires a Judicial Punishment”? So what you’re saying is that your “God” says to a repentent sinner who killed someone and who regrets it dreadfully “Yes I forgive you, but you killed someone so you have to be put to Death for it regardless”… Whats the point in even asking your “God” for forgiveness if that’ll happen to you anyway? It merely points out your manipulative tendencies to try and twist things to your way of thinking. Please don’t be fooled Mr and Mrs White, the World is not blinded by your hypocrisy.

  3. That poster’s point is valid, I think.

    Whatever merits in your arguments, your tone isn’t discursive or engaging.

    It means your work here is largely pointless, for it ultimately doesn’t reach anyone. It’s best summed up as pontificating fire and brimstone – you need to engage with the masses in the modern way if you’re going to use a modern medium.

    There is sense to engaging preaching – after all, the key letters lie within it – reach.

    • Miss/Mrs Naughton (we correct anyone who designates as “Ms”) is it too much to ask that you keep on topic. The post which you commented on was entitled “Abortion is a heinous crime, Adrianne Peltz.” Stop dancing around the issue. We know your tactics i.e ad hominem attacks on us to distract attention from the evils of abortion. You will not succeed.

  4. Ah but if abortion is not a crime then everything should wrap up nicely? Ref Romans 13:1-7 which states that we must obey the lawmakers and governing authorities, thus one can assume that the ones who are breaking the law are the people protesting at the clinics.

    • Abortion is a crime/sin because it is the taking of a life. Human governments think that by legalising wickedness it is no longer wicked and no longer a crime. God defines what is and what is not a sin/crime and if human authorities frame laws that fly in the face of God’s law then Christians are duty bound to oppose such laws and resist their implementation. The Bible counsels Christians that if godless legislation is passed, we are not to obey it. We are to obey God rather than men. Therefore Christians and non-Christians who oppose evil laws have every right (and indeed a duty) to protest outside killing centres i.e abortion “clinics.” We have protested outside Marie Stopes and we have opposed pro-abortion events held in various places but our protests are separate from groups like Precious Life and Life NI because as Evangelical Christians we need to maintain our Evangelical distinctiveness and, whilst we commend the efforts of Precious Life, we think that Life NI are too soft and too PC in their anti-abortion stance. We believe that we are more hardline in our anti-abortion stance than any pro-life group in NI.

  5. Hmmm, ok so i think i get it – you can pick and choose which sections of the Bible to suit your own agenda and disregard the rest which contradicts it.

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