Glad Hillary was defeated but sad Trump was elected

We would not have voted for wicked, cruel, filthy-lucre loving and devious Hillary Clinton if we lived in the USA.

We would not have voted for thrice-married adulterer Trump if we lived in the USA.

We would not have voted for anyone except for a fundamentalist, hardline, uncompromising Bible believing Christian and we are not aware of any such candidate being on the ballot.

We were dismayed to learn that many Evangelical Christians intended to (and did) vote for Donald Trump.

We knew that no true Christian could ever vote for the appalling Hillary Clinton and we felt that it should be ditto when it came to the equally appalling Donald Trump.

Let us review his record. He is a thrice-married adulterer, a playboy who owns strip clubs and casinos.

He attended a fundraiser in the past for a front for the murderous IRA who (along with loyalist terror groups) have caused devastation in Northern Ireland.

He gave money to homosexual group GLSEN.

He held a rainbow banner with the words “LGBT for Trump” at one of his rallies.

He thinks sodomite “marriage” is a “settled” issue.

His current wife and his daughters flaunt their bodies in immodest clothing. There is not a lady among them.

He and the Clintons are friends. They were at his wedding to his third wife, so the animosity between Trump and Clinton during their pre-election debates was manufactured. In other words, they were “playing to the gallery”.

There is no justification for any Christian who voted for either of these candidates, in our opinion.

The delight with which many foolish Christians greeted Trump’s victory was astonishing.

The hysterical reaction of the Left to Trump’s victory has dumbfounded us because he is so like them, a sexual revolutionary. Indeed it is difficult to say who is more pro-LGBT, Hillary or Donald.

Oh America, surely God’s judgement cannot be far away.

12 thoughts on “Glad Hillary was defeated but sad Trump was elected

    • You are a hypocrite. Your website is full of articles on marriage, homemaking, femininity and modesty etc. You oppose feminism. I do too with all my might. You are anti-feminism and a hypocrite. I am anti-feminism and NOT a hypocrite. You rejoice at the election of a thrice-married adulterer who owns strip clubs and casinos. His wife and daughters (from various marriages) are immodest and anything but ladies. You call yourself “Lady Lydia” yet you rejoice at the election of a man who embodies the very things your blog rails against. How dare you say my comment about Trump is redundant. Every word of it is true. In rejecting my comment, you are rejecting the truth. Go and repent you hypocrite.

  1. Kindly don’t require anyone to justify their beliefs or opinions. You certainly don’t make any allowances for people who dare to disagree with yours based on previous posts!

    And it would be even kinder to desist from such rudeness to visitors to your blog, or indeed the blogs of others you visit. That second comment above is quite rude and wholly unnecessary.

    • We have deleted the last part of your comment because it was foolish nonsense. If you think that we never publish comments from those who disagree with us then you haven’t spent much time scrolling through past comments. Most of the comments we receive are from those who disagree with us and many of them have been published.
      When we see a blog that promotes faithful Biblical marriage, modesty and homemaking (and we promote the same,) then discover that the blog owner expresses happiness at the election of a man who is the very antithesis of those things that she promotes, we call that hypocrisy and we don’t consider it rude to call it what it is. What you call “rudeness” we call “telling it like it is.” The fact that she did not vote for him (which she has now revealed) does not lessen the charge of hypocrisy one bit.

      • Oh come now Mr and Mrs White, you really really must think before using the word Hypocrite…. After all it is what you are yourselves. You claim to believe in something, but really you only like to believe in your own “version” of it.

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