London Mayor’s office respond to our complaint about LGBT traffic lights

We were made aware by a friend recently that the pedestrian crossing lights at Trafalgar Square in London are being used to display pro-LGBT propaganda. We contacted the Mayor Sadiq Khan immediately. Our e-mail and his office’s response are below.

Dear Sir

We live in Northern Ireland but we hope that we can still make known to you our opposition to the LGBT pedestrian crossing lights at Trafalgar Square. We are Evangelical Christians but even if we were not, we would still be opposed to this obvious display of
pro-LGBT indoctrination and propaganda.

Homosexuality is not normal or healthy. Bisexuality is in the same category. Transsexuals have disordered minds, not bodies and they need help, not hormones and mutilating surgery. No-one can change their biological sex just as no human being can change species
(some mentally unbalanced people attempt to live like dogs, cats and parrots etc) but society does not pander to such madness. Why then does it pander to those men who think they can be changed into women and vice versa?

Please do not pander to the LGBT lobby. We urge you to issue instructions to the effect that traffic lights will cease to show LGBT symbols and will revert to the “green man” symbol, lest confusion ensue and the LGBT lobby gain yet more recruits to swell their


Dear Mrs White

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your emails concerning the LGBT pedestrian crossing lights at Trafalgar Square addressed to the Mayor.

Although we acknowledge the comments you have made, we do not agree with them.

The LGBT communities have been subjected to years of prejudice and discrimination. The Equality Act 2010, in particular the Public Sector Equality Duty, afforded legal protection to these communities, and requires that public bodies have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination and advance equality of opportunity.

The GLA is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and diversity in London, as well as challenging discrimination. The Mayor has also made it clear that he is proud to lead and serve a diverse city, and considers community cohesion to be the core of London’s strength, demonstrated recently when he led the London Pride Parade .

If you would like to find out about the work the Mayor is doing with London’s communities please see our website link below

Yours sincerely

Nina Miah
Public Liaison Team Manager

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