O Canada, with heavy heart, we see thee fall

Canada is in the grip of a collective madness. Jody Wilson-Raybould the Federal Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada sponsored Bill C16 a transsexual rights Bill which legitimises a delusion and forbids any criticism of it and forces sane people to use made-up pronouns when addressing transsexuals (hilarious words such as “ze” and “per.”)

This insane and wicked Bill was passed on 18.10.16 (by 248 to 40) and is now to be studied by the Justice and Human Rights Committee.

Canada is already pro-LGBT and sodomite “marriage” is legal throughout the country.

We googled the words of the Canadian national anthem today and some of the words (not in order) are as follows,
“O Canada…..with glowing heart we see thee rise”
“O Canada, we stand on guard for thee”
“God keep our land glorious and free”

It is patently obvious that Canada is not “on the rise” but rather falling rapidly into sexual anarchy and multicultural madness.

Far from guarding Canada, the ruling elite are exposing it to terrible dangers.

Far from invoking God for the land, Canada as a nation has rejected God.

The cultural Marxism that dominates Canada is found in virtually every strata of society, and universities, in particular, are hotbeds of it. One Canadian professor Jordan Peterson has found to his cost just how vicious the neo-Marxists can be.

He teaches at the University of Toronto and he has rightly refused to use the made-up pronouns that the transsexual lobby demand that he use, words such as “ze” and “per” and “they” (used in a singular sense.)

The Professor appears to be on the Left himself (albeit the “soft-left”) and he has already capitulated to the “trans” lobby in that he would describe a man dressed up as a woman as “she.” He should reject all of this madness not just some of it.

There is no doubt that the neo-Marxists will turn on those on the Left who refuse to go along with all their demands and if they show such hatred for individuals like Prof.Peterson, what will they do to Christians?

Prof.Peterson took part in a debate about gender pronouns on a programme called The Agenda, and, except for the host and the Professor, the participants are all unhinged. One appears to be a bearded lady, another is a woman who would prefer to be a man and another is a man dressed up as a woman!

Watch the debate at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kasiov0ytEc

Pay particular attention at 20 minutes 29 seconds or thereabouts to hear Prof Peterson say that he would refer to a man pretending to be a woman as “she.”

Then read the article below in which psychiatrist Joseph Berger says that, scientifically there is no such condition as transgender but rather such confusion stems from the psychological not the physical.


2 thoughts on “O Canada, with heavy heart, we see thee fall

  1. It’s not just Canada. Similar reforms in language are underway in other countries, as reported last month.

    Pretty much like same-sex marriage really. The number of countries this is legal in increases every year. I can’t see that situation changing. Those new laws certainly won’t be revoked.

    In NI, there has even been discussion of retrospective amnesties for gay people to override past prosecutions (not sure very many were made – it was probably a very unenforceable law anyway.)

    • We are aware that these made-up pronouns are or have been introduced in other countries, such as USA and our very own Northern Ireland. The Green Party in Northern Ireland has a member in it (Tanya Jones) with a son who claims he is “non-binary” and wants to be addressed by these hilarious made-up pronouns and his mother encourages his madness. The reason we specifically mentioned Canada was to highlight the case of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson who has taken a stand (albeit a weak stand) against these silly pronouns (“ze” “per” “they”.) We believe that wicked laws (such as those legalising sodomy etc) can be revoked and replaced with the law of God. We already know about the so-called “pardons” for sodomites. We live in Northern Ireland and wrote a post about this very matter recently in which we roundly condemned the DUP for supporting the posthumous “pardon” of Alan Turing and their willingness to extend such “pardons” to NI sodomites. God calls sodomy an abomination. Woe betide the DUP for going along with this futile attempt to call evil good and wrong right.

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