The “progressively” worse DUP (now they’re ignoring GROSS INDECENCY)

Once the DUP agreed to share power with IRA terrorists back in 2007 further compromises followed. One compromise really does lead to another and another….

We believe that terrorists should be punished not rewarded and we would be just as opposed to the DUP sharing power with loyalist terrorists (UVF, UDA etc.)

We have not voted for the DUP for many years now and we don’t understand why many Evangelical Christians continue to vote for that wretched Party when its downward spiral is obvious to the discerning Christian. When the DUP agreed to share power with terrorists one could say they started at the bottom and went down!

And they are continuing to fall into the “progressive” i.e liberal or soft-left mire.

They no longer have an official Party stance on homosexuality (yet once they were going to “Save Ulster from sodomy.”)

They agreed to lift the ban on homosexuals giving blood

They agree with civil partnerships for homosexuals

They supported the posthumous pardon of homosexual Alan Turing who was guilty of gross indecency and have stated that, “The Party will examine any proposal to offer such pardons locally within NI.” (cue yet another compromise in the offing)

Gross indecency i.e sodomy has always been a sin and always will be and should still be a crime, but not according to the “progressive” DUP.

They will soon compromise on abortion i.e they will liberalise NI’s abortion law.

Finally, they are not to be trusted about Brexit either as they seem to waver on the matter.

Why are any Evangelical Christians in that Party? Why indeed!

7 thoughts on “The “progressively” worse DUP (now they’re ignoring GROSS INDECENCY)

  1. I think only yourself and Adolf Hitler would have been happy with that, it is accepted widely that Turing’s work shortened the war by 2-3 years and therefore spared hundreds and thousands of lives.
    Incidentally as I have said here before (and you choose reply), sodomy is any sexual act carried out without the aim of procreation – that is the correct and biblical definition.

    • He could have helped the war effort in prison. Gross indecency (sodomy) was a crime then (and should still be a crime) so would you have had the authorities turn a blind eye to law-breaking? How dare you speak of us and the mass murderer Hitler in the same sentence. Hitler should have been executed for his wickedness but instead committed suicide thereby denying his surviving victims justice. However one thing is certain i.e he is being punished presently and eternally in hell.

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