DUP’s Sammy and Gavin support buffer zones at baby-killing centres

DUP MP’s Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson want to make it easier for women to enter abortuaries to kill their unborn babies and, to that end, they signed Early Day Motion 162 which calls for buffer zones at some abortion clinics where “intimidating protestors” seek to discourage women from entering such places where baby murder is the order of the day and protected by the forces of the law.

Wilson and Robinson and the forty others who signed the Early Day Motion want to ensure that women are able to access “healthcare” i.e abortion, free from intimidation and they want the Police to deal with “intimidating protestors” who are there to protest the legalised slaughter of the unborn.

Wilson and Robinson and their ilk are wicked wretches.

A DUP compromise on NI abortion law i.e liberalising said law cannot be far away.

8 thoughts on “DUP’s Sammy and Gavin support buffer zones at baby-killing centres

  1. Women do not wish to be ‘discouraged’ against their will – get that into your thick head. You are deluded in thinking the presence of anti-choicers and forced-pregnancy advocates cause anything other than violent, aggressive deliberate intimidation. You are not welcome in such places, we women will continue to CHOOSE what we do. Buffer zones are necessary because the behaviour of people like yourself is hateful and aggressive and no woman should be subjected to hateful aggressive behaviour, especially rape victims who have already been violated against their will. Take your ‘concern’ and stick it.

    • Get this into your thick head Madam. We want to abolish human abortion, not limit it or regulate it or say it can take place in the case of this or that exception. There are no exceptions. Our position is an abolitionist one. We are Evangelical Christians and when we oppose abortion in public, we stand alone. We do not represent any organisation or any church. We represent the Lord Jesus Christ only. By the way Madam, pregnancy from rape is extremely rare and most abortions are carried out because promiscuous sexual anarchists refuse to control themselves and live morally clean lives. You and your ilk are loathsome Madam.

  2. This…from a woman who complained about being hassled while eating a scone in a cafe. People might have their reasons for hassling you too Susan so be careful what you ask for.

    • You’re talking nonsense. I was not confronted whilst eating a scone in a café. My daughter and I were confronted about my Biblical principles after we left the café and were on the street. People have the right to attempt to stop the murder of unborn babies. Those two DUP politicians want to make it easier for women to obtain abortions. You seem to be confusing two issues.

      • I’m sorry for your daughter. I hope one day she’ll be able to see there’s more in the world than your narrow-mindedness and hatred.

      • It’s irrelevant where exactly you were confronted, you are missing the point. As usual. If you really cared about children and their mothers, you would be rolling up your sleeves to help people in difficulty instead of standing back and passing judgement. (Which is easier, of course.) The amount of energy you spend condemning, criticising, fulminating about this group of people, that group of people is phenomenal and could be so much better spent.

        • Our post was about two DUP politicians who want to make it easy for women to obtain abortions and we will not allow anyone to distract from the shocking information about those two wretches. We don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “if you really cared about children and their mothers…….” Our post was about Wilson and Robinson and their despicable support for buffer zones. We say again, abortion is MURDER and anyone who enables a woman to have an abortion is an accessory to murder and the doctor who carries it out is a paid assassin.

          • Ok then, here’s a question for you.. If “Abortion is murder”, then what to you say to someone who had an abortion, came to regret it totally and chose to become “Pro-Life” (as you claim to be) and campaigned to end abortion as you do? Do you welcome her/him as a fellow “pro-lifer” or do you call them murderers for having an abortion in the first place, despite their regret and now stance as a “pro-Lifer”?

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