Jim Wells SHOULD have said what he says he didn’t say

At a pre-election hustings event held before last year’s Westminster election, candidate Mr.Jim Wells of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) came under fire for comments attributed to him but which he insists he did not say, and that being the case, it was wrong for anyone to misrepresent him by putting words into his mouth.

Mr. Wells felt he had to resign his post as Health Minister in the wake of the furore because he didn’t want the DUP labelled as a “homophobic” Party. Perish the thought!
Such a label would not sit easily with the trendy, compromised, progressive DUP.

We have news for Mr.Wells. We have been labelled “homophobic” and we wear the label with “pride,” (excuse the pun) because it means that we tell the truth about the abnormal and destructive homosexual lifestyle.

After the aforementioned hustings event, it was widely reported that Mr.Wells had stated that children are more at risk from placement with homosexual “couples” than with heterosexual ones. Mr.Wells has consistently denied saying any such thing.

A short time later I (Mrs.White) took part in a similar pre-election hustings event in Omagh and one of the questions put to the panel was the alleged remarks of Jim Wells. I defended the remarks that he allegedly said i.e that children are more at risk with homosexuals than with heterosexuals and I supplemented my comments with these words “and I can prove it.” Everyone else on the panel condemned Mr.Wells’ alleged comments and my actual comments.

Some “nice” individual who was present at the debate later reported my comments to the Police who viewed said comments as a possible “hate” incident. I stood my ground and informed the Police that I stood over every word I said and would retract NOTHING and would say the same again in a court of law. The anonymous complainant and the Police proceeded no further.

Since his hustings appearance, Mr.Wells has been actively seeking to “clear his name” and sue some of the people who said that he said what he says he didn’t say.

Mr.Wells appeared on two radio programmes last year and stated that there is no evidence, no evidence whatsoever, that children are more at risk from homosexual “couples” than from heterosexual ones.

Mr.Wells is WRONG! There is a great deal of evidence to prove that children are more at risk of abuse from sodomites (see links below) and we sent some of this info to Mr.Wells and he did not respond. We requested a meeting with Mr.Wells but he refused to see us.

Now we have had enough and have been very patient with Mr.Wells but we cannot remain silent whilst he gives the impression that children are as safe with sodomites, making it more likely that children will be handed over to homosexual adopters.

Does the photo below look normal?







2 thoughts on “Jim Wells SHOULD have said what he says he didn’t say

  1. have you been away on vacation? I missed your posts

    There is No way Mr & Mrs Susan White should wear the label “homophobic” with pride or otherwise.

    You do not “fear” the homosexual, else wise why would you stand with your banners in the faces at homosexual events

    Thats what a phobia is, fear of something.

    You stand up for what you believe in Susan, without fear, you are steadfast resisting evil from where it comes

    Standing up for Jesus

    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! ye soldiers of the cross;
    Lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss:
    From vict’ry unto vict’ry, His army shall He lead,
    Till every foe is vanquished, and Christ is Lord indeed.

    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! The trumpet call obey:
    Forth to the mighty conflict, in this His glorious day;
    Ye that are men now serve Him against unnumbered foes;
    Let courage rise with danger, and strength to strength oppose.

    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! Stand in His strength alone,
    The arm of flesh will fail you, ye dare not trust your own;
    Put on the gospel armor, and watching unto prayer,
    Where calls the voice of duty, be never wanting there.

    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! the strife will not be long;
    This day the noise of battle, the next the victor’s song;
    To him that overcometh a crown of life shall be;
    He with the King of glory shall reign eternally.

    • Nice to hear that someone missed our posts. We were not on holiday from our home. We were having a holiday from our blog! You know that the word “homophobia” is used to label those who condemn the homosexual lifestyle. It is not ordinarily used to describe those who have a fear of homosexuals. Some militant homosexual groups ARE frightening and have been violent. The attempted murder of Pastor Chuck McIlhenny and his family by “gays” in San Francisco in the 1980’s is a case in point. We are labelled “homophobes” not because we fear all LGBT but because we condemn the homosexual lifestyle. You are probably mocking us when you speak of us “standing up for Jesus” and by including the hymn ( a marvellous hymn by the way.) Be that as it may, we do stand up for Jesus and we are soldiers in the Lord’s army, the only army where it is permissible for women to be soldiers.

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