Pastor Steven Anderson deported from Botswana (after radio interview)

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona, has been deported from Botswana after participating in a Botswanan radio programme.

He had already been banned from entering South Africa and the UK (he had intended to travel to South Africa via London.)

The interview is riveting and should be listened to in its entirety.

We agree with many of Pastor Anderson’s views which he clearly expressed on the programme, but not all.

We share his view that homosexuality is  sinful and disgusting and that death WAS the penalty for that sin in the Old Testament. The New Testament likewise condemns homosexual acts. However we do not advocate the death penalty for homosexuals (unless they commit murder.) Pastor Anderson believes they should still be executed today and offers no hope of forgiveness to the repentant homosexual.

Indeed he is of the view that homosexuals are reprobates who can never be forgiven and must be executed.

We believe that homosexuals can repent and become Bible-believing Christians and we extend that hope to them. However we believe that homosexuality should be recriminalized and that practising homosexuals should go to prison. They would then see that their lifestyle is not only sinful but also a crime and are more likely to repent of that sin/crime and forsake it.

Pastor Anderson also seems to believe that all homosexuals are child-molesters. It is true that homosexuals are MORE likely to abuse children than heterosexuals (40 times more likely in fact) but we would not go as far as Pastor Anderson and say they are all child-molesters, although their abnormal and filthy sexual proclivities certainly leads many of them in that direction.

Pastor Anderson believes adulterers should be executed and, under the law of Moses, such wicked people were executed. If adulterers faced a death sentence for their wickedness in Northern Ireland today, methinks there would be no adultery.

Pastor Anderson is right in believing that adultery is a sin and a crime and that adulterers should be punished ,but, whereas Pastor Anderson calls for their execution, we call for adultery to be declared illegal and for filthy adulterers to be imprisoned.

We likewise agree with Pastor Anderson that women and girls who have babies out of wedlock are sinning and the sin is fornication. He does not advocate (and never has) their execution and neither do we, but such behaviour on the part of these girls and women (and the men who fornicate with them) should be roundly condemned and preached against from the pulpits in the land and those involved should feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Now listen to the interview for yourself,

24 thoughts on “Pastor Steven Anderson deported from Botswana (after radio interview)

  1. I understand that these are your and his beliefs but why do you think that it has any relevance to anybody else. I might believe that fundamentalist christians such as you and he are demon spawn and should be executed, I don’t I just think you are deluded, but does it help any of us to live together to speak in such terms.

    • This is our blog and we do not write to be “relevant” to people like you. We are not concerned about being “relevant,” we are concerned about truth and Biblical correctness and our views are shared by many Evangelical Christians worldwide. If our views have no “relevance” for you, then don’t read our blog.
      You state that you might believe that we and Steven Anderson (and we don’t agree with all his views) are “demon spawn” and should be executed, then you say you don’t actually believe that. We wonder about that because it seems to us that it is possible, it is just possible, that you DO believe that we are “demon spawn” and should be executed. Be very careful Sir in what you say because we have had threats from people who would like to see us dead.

      • If i did believe that you are demon spawn and should be executed by the state how would that differ from what you and Anderson post? You label lots of people you would like to see executed or put in prison but as soon as that light is turned on you you cry persecution.

        • The difference is that we (the Whites) are calling for the execution of murderers and the imprisonment of homosexuals and adulterers (because we believe that adultery and homosexual practices are sins and crimes.) If you were to call for our execution, you would be calling for the execution of people for being Bible-believing Christians. We are in no doubt Sir, that in the future Christians will face terrible persecution for their faith and that the persecution will involve imprisonment or worse because Christians will be viewed as enemies of the State.

  2. If you understood a bit more about human nature and the way things work, you’d realise that pastor Anderson exhibits all the signs of being a repressed homosexual. Why else do you think he is so totally full of hatred for gay men? Screaming hatred. (I’ve seen the clips.) Plenty of things are condemned in the Bible far more often than homosexuality (hypocrisy among religious leaders, for example, and the love of money) but he doesn’t get nearly as angry about those, his real rage is reserved for gay men. Do most men shout and rage like this, to the extent of rejoicing in the murder of all those people in the Orlando club? No, they don’t. Most pastors don’t, even. Pastor Anderson isn’t more devout than most other pastors, he is simply more afraid: of his own nature. Yes, he has a wife and children ( lots of children) but again, if you understood more about the world you’d know that quite a few gay men hide behind wives and children when they feel they can’t admit to who they are. In America, there have been quite a few cases over the past 20 years or so of pastors very like Anderson (known for their anti-homosexual views, and the loudness of their denunciations) found in the company of gay men, sometimes hiring male prostitutes, sometimes engaging in orgies, often advertising for partners on gay websites. Men like this are gay! Nothing wrong with that (that is who they are) . . .what’s wrong is the rank hypocrisy.

    • We understood human nature very well. The Bible describes human beings as totally depraved sinners and when we look at the state of the world today, we see the accuracy of the Biblical diagnosis of human beings and their nature. The only hope for mankind is the salvation freely offered to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who took the punishment we all deserved, thereby reconciling the repentant sinner to an offended God. We totally reject your description of Steven Anderson as a secret homosexual. Using your nonsensical logic, that would mean that anyone who opposes any sin/crime is secretly guilty of that very thing e.g someone who condemns stealing is a secret thief and someone who condemns murderers and displays a hatred for murderers has actually committed murder. Nonsense! The fact that some Pastors have been disgusting homosexual hypocrites and disgusting adulterers does not mean that every Pastor is a secret immoral degenerate. People like you try to silence all criticism of homosexuality by implying that everyone who condemns it is secretly LGBT….Z ad nauseum. Your cunning ploy/ruse will not work. No doubt you and your ilk will come up with something else.

  3. Me and my ilk? You make me laugh. What I’ve pointed out is a well recognised phenomenon. I know you don’t “do” facts. . .they get in the way, don’t they? Also, I did not say “every pastor”. Perhaps you could tell us in a single sentence, without referring to the Bible, just why you are completely disgusted and full of rage about gay people? Just one sentence. Why?

    • We condemn (but are not “full of rage”) homosexuality because behind closed doors, homosexuals are slowly killing each other because sodomy is violent, and it violates and permanently damages the human body and no Christian can condone acts of violence which sodomy is.

      • As I said, you don’t do facts. One fact: if by “sodomy” you mean anal sex, quite a lot of heterosexuals partake in that too. Another fact: there are gay couples who have spent decades together in monogamous relationships and they live just as long, and as healthily, as heterosexuals. Another fact: Pastor Anderson is on film climbing up onto his pulpit and screaming at his congregation about homosexuality, AND he celebrated the massacre in Orlando. Condoning acts of violence. You make utter fools of yourselves.

        • Sodomy is a dangerous, destructive and filthy activity and it is forbidden by God. Nature itself should tell you that the human body was not created for sodomite activity. Any heterosexual couple, whether married or single, who engages in sodomy is every bit as wicked as the homosexual and would likely also have been executed for their sin had they lived in the time of Moses or in the Pilgrim colonies in America several hundred years ago. Pastor Anderson’s reaction to the Orlando shootings was wrong and sinful but he is right to draw attention to the evils of homosexuality The victims were wicked men in a wicked place and they were shot by a wicked man who may, in addition to being a murderer, have been a homosexual himself. We did not celebrate the mass murder in Orlando. We condemned it, but we also condemned the lifestyle of the victims and the perpetrator. We will post a link today on our blog to an article about the dangers of “gay” sex by a medical doctor called John Diggs and you should appreciate it because it is full of FACTS.

          • The victims in Orlando were not all men and were not all gay. As has been pointed out already in this thread – you don’t do facts especially inconvenient (to you) ones.

          • We didn’t know that women were among the victims in Orlando. However the point we made in our earlier comment still stands. The victims were in a wicked place and they were homosexuals or pro-homosexual and that lifestyle is wicked and destructive and it appears that they were killed by one of their own i.e a homosexual. Murder is a wicked crime/sin and we do not condone the murder of anyone, we condemn all murder.

    • It sounds like you want us to call for the execution of homosexuals. If we did, then, to be consistent, we would have to call for the execution of adulterers. Those sins/crimes WERE punished by death in the time of Moses, as was the sin/crime of murder. As we have said many times, we DO believe that murderers should be executed today because the penalty for murder is carried over into the New Testament e.g in the epistle of Paul to the Romans (chapter 13,) he speaks of those in authority and that they are to be a terror to the evil i.e evildoers and that they (the rulers) “bear not the sword in vain,” meaning that they are to execute evildoers and those who commit murder are to forfeit their own lives. However, when evil men rule, they will not execute judgement on other evildoers because they know that they are deserving of the same punishment. Homosexuals and adulterers today, being guilty of very serious sins/crimes, must be judicially punished, but no longer by execution. Sodomy and adultery should be illegal and offenders imprisoned, to reflect the serious nature of the offences and as a reminder that they are being shown mercy, with the hope that they will repent and forsake their sin, and as an even more solemn reminder that, under the law of Moses, they would have been shown no such mercy.

      • Homosexuals and adulterers are not guilty of crimes – you might want them to be but fortunately laws are not made by people like you (your election results would give you some idea as to your likelihood of becoming a legislator).

        To accuse people who are not guilty of crimes of being guilty of your made up crimes could be seen as defamation or of misrepresentation of the law. I do not adhere to your definition of sin and you accuse me of crimes when no such crime exists in the real world of Northern Ireland. You call for me to be judicially punished when there is no such crime or punishment – I hope you are not advocating for yourselves or others to take up the mantle where you think the judiciary has failed your god. If you did you might as well put on a pointy hat and burn people on crosses like your KKK friends in America were fond of doing in the not too distant past.

        Executing or imprisoning homosexuals for being homosexual has no legal basis in Northern Ireland. This is a fact you need to come to terms with. In fact there is no law which can be used in Northern Ireland to prosecute what consenting adults do in private as long as money is not involved.

        This brings an interesting point. Several times on your blog you have called for the police to get involved when people have advocated for equal marriage as you state it is illegal in Northern Ireland and so advocating for it is illegal yet you advocate to imprison homosexuals when it is illegal in Northern Ireland to do so. Do you understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy.

        You seek to deny people the opportunity to speak up for what they believe in but then cry foul when people laugh at you – again do you not understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy.

        It is not illegal in Northern Ireland for two people of the same sex to be married – it is just not recognised by the state if they are legally married elsewhere and it is not technically possible, without fraud, for such a marriage to be obtained in Northern Ireland. That does not make same sex marriage illegal – just not recognised in law.

        • Homosexuality was a crime in Northern Ireland prior to 1982 and adultery is still illegal in 21 States in the USA. Adultery and homosexuality have always been sins/crimes in God’s eyes and viewed so gravely that the penalty for both in the Old Testament was death. God is the arbiter of what is right and wrong, moral or immoral, not you, and not the secular State. We view both adultery and homosexuality as crimes and sins deserving of punishment i.e prison. We will continue to argue for the recriminalisation of adultery and homosexuality. You speak of “defamation” in your comment. The only defamation we see in your comment is you defaming us. How dare you say that the wicked KKK are our friends. We utterly condemn their appalling treatment of black people which included torture and murder. They did burn crosses but we have never heard of them burning people on crosses. We hope they never did anything so barbaric. What they did was already savage and barbaric i.e whippings and lynchings.
          In 2014, we reported a NI playwright to the Police because he compared one of our protests against abortion to the KKK. The Police spoke to that man. You, Sir, have gone further in your defamation of us. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because we are Christians, we will always “turn the other cheek.” We will not!

  4. Points very well made by Nate, above, possibly the best ever made on this blog.

    You can be certain adultery or homosexuality are never made illegal in NI in future, including imprisonment for same. It is so beyond unlikely, there is a greater chance of blinking being made illegal.

    You can advocate for something all you want on here to a handful of curious visitors, but remember even King Canute saw the tide was still going to come racing in…

    Personally, I do find an opposing view worth reading from time to time, though. Just like when I watch Fox News or read the Daily Express online – nothing wrong with a little entertainment.

    • Stop your persecution complex, you call me all sorts of names on your blog – repeatedly. You set the tone on your blog which is one of the worst originating from the UK (thankfully only a few read it for entertainment) . According to you it’s alright for you to defame homosexuals (because Jesus) but any one says a word against you gets reported to the police. You are a sad excuse for a human and if your skin is so thin that you cannot take criticism then you should ask yourself if blogging is for you.

      On an up note – every time you speak in public or ring into a program or post a blog everyone else thinks I don’t want to be like her or believe in what she does so please carry on.

      Finally Ms White do not make the mistake that I am in any way threatened by your hectoring or will be put off by your haughty and prideful manner. My comparison to you and the KKK is based on the fact that you use the same rhetoric and hateful speech as they did albeit against different targets, as do the WBC, if you find that defamatory then you should look in the mirror.

      Despite what you say I am not evil nor is what I do disgusting, dirty or sinful – you are wrong.

      • My designation is “Mrs” not “Ms” because as the late Phyllis Schlafly said “Don’t call me “Ms” – it means misery.” You spelt the word “programme” in your comment the American way i.e “program,” so are you reading our blog in the USA or are you an American living in the UK? Our blog is written primarily for Bible-believing Christians, but, sadly, either few of them are reading our blog or some are reading it but are afraid to publicly support us (by making comments) because they see the hostility we endure or most Christians today are cowardly compromisers. It appears that most of our dwindling readership are hostile unbelievers.

  5. Homosexuality has never been a crime in Northern ~Ireland after or before 1982. I know for I lectured every probationary constable of the RUC when homosexual acts were decriminalized in Northern Ireland, I dont know where the whites lectured in law but its fireside-law. It was never a crime to be gay in Northern Ireland.

    but as to the looni-bin preacher deported one has to wonder why none of the trigger happy police in USA (so quick to take out a black man) couldn’t shoot this turd, and it wouldnt be murder just sending him home to his jesus sooner rather than later

    • Homosexual acts were considered crimes in Northern Ireland prior to 1982, irrespective of what you say. The clue is in the word “decriminalise.” We are not lecturers in law (as you well know) but since when has one to be a law lecturer to state facts i.e that sodomy was considered a crime in NI prior to 1982. Your comment about Pastor Steven Anderson is despicable and shows you have a death wish for the man (and perhaps for us also, and, if so, we would not be surprised.) Some of the USA Police may be “trigger-happy” as you put it, but so are many blacks and their victims are more often than not, their fellow blacks. If the Police shot Pastor Anderson in cold blood, they would be murderers.

      • The point made by Ger is that being homosexual has never been illegal, if you want to make sodomy illegal are you going to post policemen at the end of every bed to ensure that sodomy does not occur (given that it is both a heterosexual and homosexual activity that’s a lot of police).

        If you could make sodomy illegal how would you deal with two men kissing in public? they are not committing sodomy?

        • It is not normal or usual to see two men or two women kissing (on the lips) in public. That is not a pretty sight. Some cultures and some religions have a tradition of greeting one another by kissing on both cheeks i.e one man kissing another on both cheeks when they meet, but this does not have any sexual connotation. Men and women should not kiss on the lips in public and that goes for married couples and dating couples. That has a sexual connotation and is not a pretty sight either. However, two men or two women kissing on the lips in public has a bizarre sexual connotation i.e homosexuality, which is unnatural and abnormal. Heterosexuality is the norm.

  6. I’ve seen same sex hand holding (and sometimes kissing) now in Belfast, Omagh, Limavady, Enniskillen, Portadown… dozens of places.

    Same as with heterosexual couples, really. Not that uncommon a sight.

    There’s an ad in my local (very small N Irish town) for a same sex marriage celebration next weekend too.

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