Armagh City Hotel permits potheads to premiere pro-cannabis film

A member of staff at the above-named hotel has just terminated a phone conversation with me after I phoned to  place on record our opposition to the hotel permitting the showing of a pro-cannabis film within its walls tonight.

The film is called, “Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution.”

I reminded the Hotel that cannabis is illegal, and I further made the point that the same Hotel would not permit a group of murderers to meet in their Hotel, yet they are permitting a crowd of potheads and their apologists to meet there.

My use of the word “murderers” is of note because many murderers have smoked cannabis before launching their murderous attacks.

To prove my point, one only has to look at three appalling cases of cannabis-fuelled murders in Australia, in 1986, 1993 and 2016.

Five wicked devils raped and murdered nurse Anita Cobby in 1986. The ringleader of the hideous gang, John Travers, smoked cannabis/marijuana from the age of 12/13. He and his accomplices were drunk and on their way to buy drugs when they spotted Anita Cobby and abducted her.

They are in prison but they should have been executed.

In 1993, Australian axe murderer, Bill Mitchell spent the day getting high on a mixture of cannabis, alcohol and amphetamines before committing the massacre of an entire family.

He also should have been executed.

In August 2016, a Muslim knifeman launched an attack on a British backpacker in Australia. He killed her and critically injured a man who came to her assistance. Sadly that brave man subsequently died.

Police said that the killer launched his attack after using cannabis.

He also deserves the death penalty.

Are you connecting the dots yet?

Cannabis is dangerous and should never be legalised (and that goes for so-called medical cannabis also.)

P.S, for our overseas readers, the hotel mentioned in our post is in Armagh, Northern Ireland, and the organisation behind the premiere of this film is a political party called CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol), a radical, anarchic, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy party.

5 thoughts on “Armagh City Hotel permits potheads to premiere pro-cannabis film

  1. “He should also have been executed.”

    Is this blog a satire by anti-Christians?! It certainly reads like it!

    So an Irish hotel plays a film about cannabis? So what! There are far worse drugs in existence and far more serious issues to get upset about if you’re so inclined (Brexit’s certain future economic consequences, for one.)

    If this is for real, no wonder someone hung up the phone. They must also have thought the caller was on drugs! Who complains to establishments based on their own personal nitpicks?!

    • If you think that supporting the death penalty is “anti-Christian” you know nothing about Biblical Christianity. Our blog is in no way satire. We are serious-minded Bible-believing Christians and our views would have been shared by most Evangelical Christians just a few short years ago. Many Christians have moved from previously held positions. We have not!
      We are for Brexit and hope that soon we will be free of the European Union.
      We are opposed to all illegal drugs, i.e heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc and will resist all attempts to legalise these killer substances. The film shown at that hotel was promoting cannabis hence we exposed the dangers of that particular drug in posts on our blog.

    • To answer your question, here is a quote from an organisation called Cannabis Skunk Sense.
      “The “scam” was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.” (end of quote)
      We do not believe that the pro-medicinal cannabis lobby have proved their case, so it should not be legalised, but even if cannabis was found to be beneficial for certain medical conditions, it should be kept in hospitals, in a locked cupboard within a locked cupboard just as other controlled drugs which are given for pain after surgery, such as morphine, are kept, and only administered for a specific medical condition by medical personnel. Cannabis must be kept out of the community and never ever legalised for recreational purposes. It is telling that people like billionaire George Soros donates money to promote drug reforms ranging from medical marijuana to the softening of sentencing for drugs charges. Richard Branson is another of this ilk.

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