Another horrific cannabis-fuelled murder (this time in Northern Ireland)

In January 2015, Ahmed Noor, aged 33 and originally from Somalia, brutally murdered his friend Mohsin Bhatti who was aged 29 and originally from Pakistan.

The killer had been smoking cannabis all day and night before committing the appalling murder.

He had paranoid schizophrenia. Some medical authorities believe that cannabis can induce schizophrenia whilst others believe that cannabis exacerbates pre-existing psychoses.

Either way, Ahmed Noor is a very dangerous man and cannabis is a very dangerous substance!

He was jailed for six years!!  Six years for breaking into his friends home and chasing him down the street as the poor man fled for his life, then brutally stabbing him to death.

He was joyful after slaughtering his friend.

He should be executed, schizophrenia or no schizophrenia.

Unfortunately in liberal Northern Ireland, there is no death penalty so the killer should be in prison for life or in an asylum for life.

Cannabis is dangerous and must never be legalised.

PS  To further illustrate the dangers of cannabis, a mother of three, Gemma Moss, died as a result of cannabis poisoning in 2014.


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