Pastor Steven Anderson banned from South Africa

Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson and his entourage have been banned from entering South Africa.

The Pastor’s intention in going to South Africa was to engage in preaching and soul-winning only, but because of previous statements the Pastor has made about the LGBT lobby, the South African authorities have declared him an “undesirable person.”

Pastor Anderson has described homosexual acts as abominable and disgusting and we agree with him 100% and have stated those same views in public here in Northern Ireland.

The South African authorities are self-righteous hypocrites whose country is in chaos, and rape and murder are endemic ( dreadful slaughter of whites, particularly white farmers is shockingly commonplace and the economy is collapsing, and all of this is taking place under the monstrous ANC rule (misrule!)

They are more concerned with appeasing the “rainbow” lobby (sodomites) in their so-called “rainbow nation” than they are with the bloodletting on their streets and farmlands. The majority of the murder victims are white and the killers are invariably black. That is true racism!

They had no right to ban the Pastor from their country and we say so despite the fact that we do not agree with Pastor Anderson in every particular e.g we do not call for the execution of homosexuals. We do call for the recriminalisation of homosexuality and for the imprisonment of those guilty of sodomy.

We also believe that repentance is essential before conversion to Christ can take place whereas Pastor Anderson believes that repentance is not a pre-requisite for salvation.

We differ in other Biblical matters also, nevertheless he does preach Christ and he does urge men and women to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the message he had hoped to share in South Africa.

Read more at link below.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Steven Anderson banned from South Africa

    • We deleted your link to last night’s sodomite abomination. You were way off topic. The post you used to give the link was about dangerous drugs. We will not be commenting on last night’s hideous charade. Instead we will direct you to our post about last year’s sodomite abomination. The title of the post is “Night of the living dead.”

  1. You should go to South Africa, actually do something in a country where you would be VERY severely tested, not just heckled at, or would that be too much? Oh and why are you bothered with what 2 Gay People do in their own privacy?

  2. South Africa has every right to deny entry to their country people they view undesirable. Just because someone professes christianity does not give them special privileges.

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