Evil John Money and the torture of David Reimer

John Money was a psychologist and a sexual revolutionary in the mould of Alfred Kinsey and Harry Benjamin. He died in 2006.

Born in New Zealand, Money established the Johns Hopkins clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, for transsexual surgeries (mutilations to be exact.) He was celebrated in his home country as a “cornerstone of 1970’s feminism and gay rights liberation….”

He hated Judeo-Christian “repressive religious structures……the anti-sexual fervour.”

Alfred Kinsey and Harry Benjamin shared Money’s hatred for Judeo-Christian sexual mores.

Kinsey has been described as a sexual psychopath and sado-masochist. He died in 1956.

Harry Benjamin was known as the “father of transsexualism.” He died in 1986.

Money, Kinsey and Benjamin were a trio of evil, wickedness and depravity.

Money believed that sex/gender was learned rather than innate. He coined the term “sexual orientation” to replace “sexual preference.”

John Money’s name will be forever associated with the case of David Reimer and his twin brother Brian. David was originally called Bruce.

David was the victim of a botched circumcision when 8 months old. After this terrible incident, his parents contacted “Dr” John Money who advised them to raise David as a girl.

Poor David was subjected to surgery and other horrors and renamed “Brenda.”

John Money continued to see David and his brother and forced them to act out sexual intercourse. Money was a monster and a deviant who engaged in the sexual abuse of children in the name of science. He deserved a long prison sentence.

Money’s hideous “sex-change” experiment on David did not work, yet Money described it as a success. David always felt like a boy which is not surprising because his maleness was written on his genes and DNA. David was mutilated by wicked doctors and injected with female hormones but he was never a girl and he knew it.

His parents told him the truth i.e that he was born male and he had his surgical and hormonal “reassignment” reversed and lived as God intended him to live i.e as a male.

Sadly, years of suffering at John Money’s (and others) hands took a dreadful toll on both brothers. David suffered years of severe depression and Brian developed schizophrenia.

They both committed suicide, Brian in 2002 and David in 2004.Their parents have stated that Money’s methodology was responsible for the deaths of both of their sons.

Yet these very parents are the ones who gave their consent to the “treatment” of their son by Money and they lied to researchers to give the impression that Money’s experiment was going well.

David Reimer was not a “transsexual” yet he was subjected to the same horrors many of these people willingly subject themselves to today, with catastrophic results. What was done to David, and to those “transsexuals” who are willingly mutilated by surgeons in a hopeless attempt to “change sex,” is butchery, plain and simple because it is impossible to “change sex” just as it’s impossible to change species. Tell that to “cat woman” and “parrot man.”

Such people (transsexuals and those who think they can transcend species etc) need Biblical counselling, not surgery.


One thought on “Evil John Money and the torture of David Reimer

  1. “Biblical Counselling”, just another way of saying “you must accept what you are and repress your urges and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, because if you do not then you’ll burn in hell for ever and ever and ever”…… Yep, great counselling that is.

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