12 thoughts on “4 Reasons the Magistrates have a duty to criminalise homosexual acts (sermon)

  1. Jesus did not die in vain, no matter what you and your husband, or that pastor [remember there is no educational qualification for pastor ] might think.

    Jesus did not die in vain

  2. biblical love the preacher talks about

    must include genesis chapter 4
    one women and 2 men , 2 husbands
    one of which is a son and
    a husband which is a brother [she is cloned from him]

    biblical love the preacher talks about must include sex slaves genesis 16

    biblical love the preacher talks about must include polygamy and fornication 1 Kings 11:1-3

    • We don’t understand your comments about Genesis ch.4. Eve was not a clone of Adam because male and female are different. She was created from one of Adam’s ribs. She was like him, yet unlike him and perfectly complemented him. She completed him. Their sons were Cain and Abel and Cain’s wife is mentioned in the chapter. Their son Enoch is mentioned, plus his descendants, one of whom was Lamech. He had two wives making him a polygamist (bigamist might be more accurate.) We do not believe that God’s original plan for man included polygamy (otherwise God would have created several women to marry Adam, but there is no denying that for some mysterious reason God tolerated polygamy and did not condemn the polygamous patriarchs for engaging in it. Adam and Eve’s third son Seth is also mentioned.
      Where do you see sex slaves in Genesis 16?
      King Solomon had multiple wives and concubines. They turned his heart away from the LORD. He was granted great wisdom by God yet his actions belied that he had ever been a wise man.

  3. cain’s wife, is his mother eve

    theres adam…..1
    then there is adam and eve, 1+1=2
    then there adam+eve+cain+abel, 1+1+1+1=4
    cain kills abel 4-1=3

    cain 1 takes a wife from the remaining 1+1 cains wife is the only woman alive his mother

    Genesis Chapter 4 biblical marriage one woman + 2 men

    And God did not object

    • Cain did not marry his mother. If Adam and Eve had daughters, it is possible that Cain married one of his sisters because the marriage of near relatives was not forbidden until detailed laws were given in the book of Leviticus.

    • We deleted your comment about Ross Hussey. We answered your previous comment about him a few days ago so cannot understand why you are mentioning him again.
      His behaviour was wicked and should be roundly condemned and his Party should have disciplined him although the Unionist Party is so PC and liberal that it is unlikely that they will do anything about his shameful behaviour.

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