Well done Virginia, USA – for declining to decriminalise adultery

Earlier this year, the State of Virginia, USA declined to decriminalise adultery.

It is one of 21 States in the USA in which adultery is punishable under law.

The United Kingdom should recriminalize adultery as matter of urgency.

Statistics as to the prevalence of adultery vary slightly but they all reveal that adultery is widespread.

One newspaper source stated that, as of 2015, almost half (45%) of British men have committed adultery at least once and 21% of women have likewise betrayed their spouses.

Someone said that one can be a liar without being an adulterer but one cannot be an adulterer without being a liar also.

How true!

Adulterers are disgusting, lying whoremongers and they should be punished by the law for their sin/crime. They should be imprisoned. The threat of a prison sentence would certainly deter some of them from committing such a wicked sin.

God has warned adulterers and whoremongers that He will judge them and it would be a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Something else should frighten the would-be adulterer also and that is the fact that adultery can lead to, and has led to, murder.

Consider the following cases,

King David and Bathsheba in the Bible

The murder of Gerry McGinley
The murder of Paul Crymble
The murder of Lesley Howells and Trevor Buchanan
The murder of Paul Gault
The murder of Alison Shaughnessy
The murder of a civil servant in Newry in 1991 (name unknown)

See the connection between adultery and murder

Be warned, and flee from the first stirrings of adulterous desires in your heart as if you were fleeing from a fate worse than death!

4 thoughts on “Well done Virginia, USA – for declining to decriminalise adultery

  1. Wow, you have a lot of nerve calling yourself a christian when you are so full of bile spewing hatred. There’s a place in hell for you Mrs White.

    • Your comment reminds me of the quote from Shakespeare, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” However the word “lady” is used only loosely about you, Madam, as you’re no lady. You obviously know nothing about Biblical Christianity if you think that Christians are tolerant of sin. God does not tolerate sin and He is angry with the wicked every day and adulterers are certainly wicked. If you do not repent of your wickedness and your rejection of Christ, you will spend eternity in hell, and Madam, there are degrees of punishment in hell. What do I mean by this? Draw your own conclusions.

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