Memo to Aussie Police – this (attack) has EVERYTHING to do with Islam

A British woman was stabbed to death at a backpackers hostel in Queensland Australia yesterday. A British man was also attacked and is in a critical condition in hospital. A local man sustained minor injuries and the killer also stabbed a dog to death during the frenzied attack.

The killer is a French Muslim and he shouted “Allahu Akbar” after the attack and when arrested by police.

Despite hearing those words shrieked by the killer, the politically correct (and cowardly) Queensland Police said that the attack is not about race or religion and are investigating drugs misuse, mental health issues and extremism.

They further stated that the killer has no links to ISIS.

The killers of Lee Rigby had no links to ISIS nor did the Baghdad butcher al-Zarqawi who beheaded American Nick Berg and Briton Ken Bigley and many others.

The Taliban and Al Shabab and Al Qaeda and Boko Haram have no links to ISIS but have slaughtered people in many parts of the world.

All these killers have one thing in common. They are all Muslims and they derive their motivation for their butchery from the Koran.

The killers of Lee Rigby were very open about their motivation in his killing when moments after their hideous crime, one of them publicly stated, “We are forced by the Koran…”

The lying Governments of the world are endangering us all when they refuse to state that ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

When Islam is appeased and legally protected from criticism in the West by the PC Left, we can expect to see more and more terrorism, bloodshed, beheadings, “honour killings” and mass gang rapes.

Our message to the cowardly politicians who cover up the truth about the horrors of Islam is this,  “The blood of your slaughtered citizens is on your hands and you are traitors to your own people.”

So stop lying and tell the truth.  ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

4 thoughts on “Memo to Aussie Police – this (attack) has EVERYTHING to do with Islam

  1. Just like rape, child killing, incest, slavery and murder has everything to do with Christianity as these things are all endorsed by the christian bible.

    • When was the last time you heard of an Evangelical Christian who beheaded someone for refusing to become a Christian? When did you last hear of a Christian father and mother ordering (or carrying out themselves) the “honour” killing of their daughter? We have never heard of such atrocities being carried out by Christians. NEVER! Such atrocities are endemic in Muslim countries.

  2. So then Mrs White, tell me this…. Toy you, is every single Muslim man, woman and child, associated with terrorism by mere fact that they are muslim? Is that what you do, ie generalize them all as one?

    • Islam is a dangerous, violent politico-religious system and the Koran does teach that Islam conquers by the sword (jihad) and Muslims are duty-bound to follow the Koran. Draw your own conclusions Sir. We have long ago drawn ours.

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