Kellie Turtle’s forked tongue

Kellie Turtle is a fanatically pro-abortion and pro-LGBT feminist, and a career mischief-maker.

She is one of the founding members of Belfast Feminist Network and has links to the Sodomite Rainbow Project and the left-wing pro-abortion Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

She was a contributor to a discussion on Good Morning Ulster on BBC Radio Ulster this morning. The programme was discussing the findings of some study or other about the “gender pay gap” and, as usual, the discussion was biased towards Feminism (no surprise there, this was the BBC and that says it all.) The two hosts of the programme this morning are obviously male feminists and the two female guests were feminists, Kate Andrews and Kellie Turtle.

Here are some quotes from Kellie Turtle from the radio programme.

“….having children is work, it’s work that is vital to society. Society will not continue to thrive, we all benefit from people having children.” end of quote

If we didn’t know the identity of the one who said the above, we would think that the speaker was pro-family and anti-abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Kellie Turtle is a fanatical pro-abortion lobbyist and if she and her ilk had their way, there would be widespread slaughter of unborn children.

Hear her forked tongue at the link below. Skip to 1 hour 57 minutes 30 seconds into programme for start of discussion,

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