Australia’s lesbian vampire murders

In 1989 four lesbians planned and carried out a devilish murder of a 47 year old married man who had five children.

These disgusting and savage she-devils were Satanists and the ringleader of the monstrous quartet was known to enjoy a glass of human blood (a “vampire.”)

Tracey Wigginton was the leader of the depraved quartet and the murder plan was hatched so she could feed on her victim’s blood.

They drank champagne at a homosexual bar before setting off on their journey to find a human sacrifice for their master Lucifer.

Edward Baldock was on his day off from work and had spent his day drinking heavily at some drinking establishment. He was drunk when he left and was offered a lift by the hideous lesbians, one of their number enticing him into the car with the offer of sex.

His drunkenness and desire for someone other than his wife made him easy prey for the hellish sodomites.

They drove to the Brisbane River where he was stabbed multiple times and almost decapitated by Tracey Wigginton who then drank some of her victim’s blood.

One of the four women was cleared of murder (why?!!) and the other three were imprisoned. They all deserved the death penalty but that was never an option in sinful, liberal Australia.

Tracey Wigginton was released from prison in 2012 (this beggars belief) and has not even been electronically monitored since her release!

Another horrific case is that of 16 year old British girl Stacey Mitchell who was murdered in Perth Australia by two lesbian “vampires, Jessica Stasinowsky and Valerie Parashumti in December 2006.

They were sentenced to a minimum of 24 years in prison (they also deserve the death penalty) and their friend David Haynes who lived with them received a pathetic sentence of two years for being an accessory.

There is a link between lesbianism, feminism and the occult. The following quotes demonstrate this to be the case,

“…..many women who are already lesbians become feminists. But in addition, a large number of women become lesbians after they become feminists.”   quote from Joan Cassell’s  “A Group called Women” page 72

“the lesbian is often presented as the ultimate feminist…” ibid page 80

Anne Carson in the book “Feminist Spirituality and the Feminist Divine” on page 3 says that because the Goddess is supreme in the feminist tradition, “many feminists consider witchcraft to be a true women’s religion.”

We will conclude with a quote from a feminist who became a witch.

“Witches want to change the internal picture that Jewish and Christian women have of a male god in heaven so that women will no longer accept rule by males on earth.” Goldenberg  “Changing of the Gods” page 91

To any of our readers out there who still think that feminism is harmless we say “wake up and wise up!”


4 thoughts on “Australia’s lesbian vampire murders

  1. Sooo then Mr and Mrs White, this one story leads you to tarring all feminists and lesbiansim with the one brush?? Most feminists are “man-haters” and most are not lesbians. Also you cannot “become lesbian”.. If you are a homosexual by your own nature then you can’t change that.

    • It was not just one story. We posted about two murders carried out by “vampire” lesbians in Australia. Four killed a man and, in a separate incident, two killed a 16 year old girl. We also recently posted about lesbians in Scotland who murdered a 2 year old boy this year and we posted about another case (which happened in South Africa in 2003) of lesbians who killed a 4 year old boy because he refused to call one of them “daddy.”
      Sodomy obviously predisposes those who embrace that abnormal lifestyle and filthy sexual practices to violence. Children are MORE in danger from these people than from heterosexuals and that is a fact. Feminism has led some women to become lesbians and occultists which again proves the startlingly obvious. They are NOT BORN THAT WAY.

      • Lesbians have committed murder in South Africa and Scotland in addition to Australia. Why do you mention Ross Hussey? Have you no comment to make about lesbian murderers? People who read our blog or read my election manifestos are left in no doubt about our views on immorality so why are you asking us about Ross Hussey (probably to distract attention away from hellish bloodthirsty sodomites.) We condemn immorality in all its forms. Ross Hussey has behaved wickedly and should be roundly condemned for his behaviour. It is despicable that he has received support from many people. That says a great deal about such people.

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