Smug-looking sisters triumphant after £30,000 payout

Two sisters were awarded £14,000 and £16,000 respectively this week after taking a case of sexual harassment to the feminist Equality Commission of Northern Ireland.

It appears to be a foregone conclusion that any woman who brings an allegation of sexual harassment to the Equality Commission will be believed and will receive a massive payout from the previous employer or whoever.

The two sisters mentioned above, Kirstie McKeever age 21 and Courtney McKeever age 19 alleged that they were sexually harassed by a male employee. They further alleged that despite complaining to the management of their place of employment, KFC on the Boucher Road in Belfast, the sexual misconduct continued.

They resigned. The management sacked the offending employee and invited the sisters to attend formal grievance and investigation meetings as well as the opportunity to reconsider their resignations, but these were all declined.

We cannot ascertain if the alleged offender was sacked before or after the sisters resigned.

The sisters then trotted off to the Equality Commission (they were referred by a solicitors practice) and were found to have been the victims of sexual harassment, and the Equality Commission, which loves to flex its muscles and punish entire companies for the alleged actions of one, demanded that KFC compensate the sisters to the tune of £14,000 and £16,000 respectively.

Let it be clearly understood that we despise sexual misconduct and filthy sexual talk and if the male employee is guilty as charged, he is wicked and he deserved to be sacked.

That should have been the end of the matter.

Those two sisters look so smug in the photo below and not at all distressed. Yet they were apparently the victims of sexual harassment?

They are dressed appallingly. Torn jeans, the uniform of a truly decadent society. Once upon a time, only the poor would have dressed like that but manufacturers today actually make ripped jeans and a desensitised and easily led public actually buys them in that state.

As the old saying goes, “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”

9 thoughts on “Smug-looking sisters triumphant after £30,000 payout

    • Yes we are REALLY Christians. The jeans they are wearing are ripped and are only fit for the bin. Where did you get the idea that Christians are not to judge? The Bible says that Christians will judge the world. See 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 2.

      • You are not christians in any sense of the word. In fact, christians are a dying breed and its about time. Ripped jeans….you are a total fruitcake.

        • So you think it is “nutty” to disapprove of people wearing jeans that are only fit for the bin Madam? In years gone by, people patched holes in the knees of their trousers unlike today where ripped jeans are a “fashion statement.” How far society has fallen. There is no propriety, no decorum, no chivalry. Nothing but ugliness and anarchy.

  1. Your are totally correct Mr and Mrs White. Male employees should be allowed to fondle their female colleagues, expose themselves to them and use ask them to perform sex acts on them without having to worry about any recourse from their employers, it is shame that a small locally owned business like KFC has had to deal with these horrible girls who were asking for it with their smugness.

    Any girl that wears ripped jeans should be forced to see men exposing themselves in the workplace as part of their day to day job – anyone that thinks differently is a lefty loonie terrorist heathen.

    • You aren’t very bright Sir and you didn’t read our post properly. Their smug look has to do with their reaction to the huge financial settlement they obtained, we do not know how they behaved in their workplace. We clearly stated in our post that if the male employee was guilty as charged, he is wicked and deserved to be sacked. We did not hear his side of the story and for a trial to be fair and just, we must hear both sides of the story. It seems that the Equality Commission are only interested in hearing from the complainant(s). We presume that KFC investigated the matter before sacking the employee and, if so, they found him guilty and dismissed him. That should have been the end of the matter. If those sisters felt that the male employee was a danger to women, why didn’t they go to the police? They did say that he exposed himself. Surely that is a criminal offence. Yet they did not go to the Police. Why? Curiouser and Curiouser!

  2. What a bizarre commentary, as with so many posts here, including the Australian/Islamic rant.

    Do check your own eye for a beam before looking too hard for motes around the place Ms White…

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