New converts for the cult of Feminism

Feminist teachers and their allies in other occupations play mind games with the poor innocent children in this video, seeking to indoctrinate them into the cult of Feminism by confusing them and seeking to remove from their minds that which the children know instinctively i.e that some jobs are only suitable for men and filling those young impressionable minds with feminist nonsense.

The female surgeon in the video is the only occupation of the three that could be considered suitable for a few women, but even then, the years of study involved in becoming a surgeon would make it very difficult for a married woman with children to succeed in either sphere (medicine or family,) as both are full-time occupations.

In our opinion, it is more practical for men and single women to train as surgeons.

9 thoughts on “New converts for the cult of Feminism

  1. Mrs White, just because you are limited as a woman in so many respects does not mean other women do not lead successful satisfying lives combining motherhood, marriage and a career. Just because you cannot do it does not qualify you to make such outrageous and uninformed, ignorant statements. You go ahead and remain limited and small-thinking, you really have no idea about the outside world, life has passed you by girl.

    • If married women with children prioritise career over family, who suffers? Husband and children, that’s who! Many exhausted women would leave the workforce and return home if feminism had not destroyed the concept of a family wage earned by the husband.

      I live in the real world Madam so I don’t know what you mean by the “outside world.” If I am so “limited and small-thinking” why is it that I have yet to find a feminist (or other secularist) to agree to publicly debate me about the evils of feminism, abortion and homosexuality etc. I believe it is because they know that in me they would face a formidable opponent.

      • Mrs White, you have frequently been debated with publicly (on radio phone-ins, at meetings during the General Election campaign). ..and no, you did not come over in these debates as a formidable opponent, not at all. You came out with blinkered comments, downright inaccuracy (your claim that homosexuals are 40% more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals) and you sounded, frankly, delusional and not a little disturbed.

        • You obviously don’t understand how a debate is structured if you think that a radio phone-in and a pre-election debate where I was outnumbered seven to one (on the panel) is tantamount to an organised debate with a pre-arranged motion to be argued for or against by two opposing individuals or teams.

          By the way Madam, the facts I stated about homosexuals being 40 times more likely to abuse children than homosexuals were not inaccurate, they are true facts and I stand over everything I said at the Strule Arts Centre (and since.)

  2. Nope, Women are perfectly capable of doing the Jobs that are shown in this Video. Women can be and are just as capable of being as strong as Men, both Physically and Psychologically… and this has NOTHING to do with Feminism, its to do with “equality”, plain and simple. You don’t like this because it tampers with your religiously-fanatical blinkered view of the World.

    • In general, women are 40-50% weaker than men. Women should not be firemen! (I prefer that term to the PC “firefighter”) and they should not be fighter pilots. Gender-norming was introduced to cover up the fact that most women cannot meet the physical requirements for the military etc so, for example, instead of having to do ten press-ups like the men, women were only required to do three. In the Fire Service, women are not able to lift the weights required of their male colleagues. Who would you want to rescue you from a burning building, a fireman or a firewoman? I am sure that some requirement or other was waived in the case of women who want to be fighter pilots because, as usual, women are simply not up to the job and lives could be lost while foolish women pretend otherwise. When one child in the video said, when she saw the fighter pilot etc enter the classroom, “they’re dressed up” i.e play-acting,” she hit the nail on the head because these women were pretending to be as strong and as capable as men in men’s occupations.

      • This is a ludicrous argument!
        Why can’t a woman be a fighter pilot?! Her brain is equally (that’s the keyword, Susan!) capable of operating the controls as a man – the job involves sitting down, so there are no issues of strength or stamina involved!

        And thankfully, there are plenty of wonderfully capable women serving in armies all over the world at this very moment.

        This blinkered view of the world will not see such changed halted or progress reversed, however much you may wish it. As one other poster says, this is about equality, not about feminism.

        It’s also equally possible to work and to raise a family – as both parents jointly work to the various tasks involved and both are equally capable of all household chores, transporting the kids to their various activities, helping with homework etc. That’s what marriage brings – a sharing of the life and the load.

        As for no one debating those three (completely unconnected) topics with you, presumably it’s because they had rehearsed with a brick wall and saw how fruitless an exercise it would be…

    • Well said Kiely, Susan is simply and purely jealous of those women who get out there and make a difference. She cannot see farther than the end of her nose. Men do the rescuing and women are the rescued…well quite frankly the majority of women don’t need rescuing, they are not that stupid – Susan however……

  3. Nobody will debate you because nobody takes you seriously enough to be seen publicly engaging with you. You are beyond reason, your ideas are irrational and illogical and you use bible-speak to back up your ideas which in turn makes everything you say redundant. You are a joke Mrs White and an unfunny one at that.

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