We beheld Belfast – a city wholly given to sodomy

History teaches that any society that embraces sexual anarchy is doomed.

There have been no exceptions!

Belfast, Northern Ireland has sown the seeds of its own destruction by permitting (for the umpteenth year) Belfast Pride, the annual depraved LGBT spectacle which glories in that which is abnormal, vulgar, bizarre and destructive i.e the “gay” deathstyle!

The two of us travelled to Belfast last Saturday (over 85 miles away) to oppose this wickedness and uphold God’s moral standards and holy law.

It was chilling in the extreme to see that this year’s spectacle appeared to be the largest ever. Indeed it seemed to us that the whole city was wholly given over to celebrating perversion and deviancy.

Woe unto you Belfast!

We held Bible signs as part of our witness/protest and we stood among the onlookers (many of them LGBT) and very close to the parade participants because we wanted them to read the warnings on our signs and confront them face to face.

Our manner of protesting is not without risk so we asked the Police for protection. Two officers stood near us during our protest and initially we felt they were sympathetic to our cause. However that all changed once the vile parade began and their attitude (to us) changed.

We commend our fellow Christians who stood at the City Hall and, like us, engaged in Christian witness against the parade. They endured hostility and abuse from the LGBT crowd.

We did attempt to speak to some of the homosexuals (male and female) around us but with little success and much hostility from them.

We did however have a lengthy conversation with a male homosexual whom we know slightly after the parade, and although he does not accept that the Bible forbids his lifestyle, we still believe that our conversation with him was profitable and time well spent.



4 thoughts on “We beheld Belfast – a city wholly given to sodomy

  1. Mrs White – I think there may be a typographical error in the blog. You have written about a “homosexual” when I’m sure you meant to say a “person”, or even a “human being”.

  2. So similar to the antics of Westboro Baptist Church, this entire blog. Corrections? I shudder to think where to begin… Incredible to see such hated – makes for such depressing reading…

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