Hamtramck USA -Muslim majority city

Muslims also dominate the Hamtramck City Council, and the Muslim call to prayer (Adhan) is heard five times a day, transforming the city into a mini Saudi Arabia.

Will sharia law eventually be imposed and “honour” killings (murders) and female genital mutilation follow in its wake?  God forbid.

Sharia courts are already operating in Muslim ghettoes in some English cities.

Islam is determined to dominate the world. They can cross Hamtramck off their conquest list. They already dominate it!


6 thoughts on “Hamtramck USA -Muslim majority city

  1. “Islam is determined to dominate the world…”
    Is that not also true of other religions? Including Christianity?

    Also, could you provide evidence of these Sharia courts operating in “English Ghettoes”?

    • Evangelical Christians seek to persuade men and women to trust in Christ for salvation. We do not threaten people who oppose our message with death (as is the case in Muslim-dominated countries.)

      If you take the time to google “sharia courts in UK” you will find all the evidence you need i.e sharia courts ARE operating in Britain and this has been the case since approx 2007.

      • No you don’t directly threaten, but you do threaten from another angle. You threaten People who oppose your message with terror and fear that they’ll suffer “endless torment in Hell” if they don’t believe what you do.

        • God is to be feared. The Bible says that “knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.” God is not only loving and kind, He is also righteous, holy and omnipotent. It is good to be afraid of God.

          • You are contradicting yourself major Mrs White…. How can your God be loving and Kind if he also inflicts “Terror”….. Is he the kind of god that says “I’ll love you and be kind to you, ONLY if you worship me and do EXACTLY as I say, or else you will burn in Hell for ever and ever and ever”??? Is that what your “God” is? If so he/it sounds like a hellishly brutal being. A jealous dictator no better than a Human being like Hitler was.

            And what about Children as young as 3/4 years old, who find themselves battling horrible diseases like Leukaemia? Are *they* also to be afraid of your “God”?

          • God is loving and kind and holy and just and TERRIFYING because He is the Almighty God and we cannot comprehend such awesome power. Sickness and death can be traced back to the fall of Adam and Eve into sin in the Garden of Eden. There was no sickness and no death before sin.

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