DUP Mayor welcomes Foyle sodomite festival

The Mayor of Londonderry, Hilary McClintock of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is following the lead of her DUP colleague in Belfast, Lord Mayor Brian Kingston, in welcoming a sodomite festival.

Last week, Mr. Kingston welcomed the LGBT lobby to Belfast City Hall for the launch of their week long “Pride” festival and was photographed in the company of arrogant and menacing homosexuals.

Mrs McClintock’s words of welcome for the forthcoming Foyle (Londonderry) “Pride” festival are recorded in the festival brochure.

Here are her words ad verbatim (including the grammatical error in the piece) and note how she sanitises the true nature of these disgusting LGBT spectacles.

“As Mayor of Derry and Strabane District Council I would like to welcome you all the another Foyle Pride Festival. Building on the success of recent years the 2016 festival promises to be a mixture of music, craic and of course, serious debate. I wish the organisers and participants all the very best.” (end of quote)

Beside Mrs McClintock’s greetings (on the same page,) there is a quote from a notorious homosexual, the late Harvey Milk.  She may not be responsible for the addition of that quote.

It is outrageous that these two DUP politicians(Brian Kingston and Hilary McClintock) have welcomed these depraved LGBT “Pride” festivals and wished the participants “all the very best” (to quote Hilary McClintock)

It is possible that these latest shocking compromises on the part of the DUP (in addition to their recent agreement with the lifting of the ban on homosexuals donating blood) are deliberate Party policy designed to pave the way for the increasingly likely DUP capitulation to the LGBT lobby’s demand for oxymoronic sodomite “marriage.”




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