Save Ulster from sodomy and DUP two-facedness

The photo below shows the Lord Mayor of Belfast Brian Kingston with two homosexuals from the “Gay” Police Association at the Friday evening launch of Belfast Pride 2016, the depraved and disgusting annual sodomite “festival.”

Mr. Kingston is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP,) the Party that once vowed to “Save Ulster from Sodomy.”

The modern DUP mindset appears to be “Feed the sodomite monster hoping it will eat us last.”

We have warned our readers on several occasions that the DUP are softening their opposition to the LGBT lobby and abortion. They abandoned their stand against terrorists in government years ago and now share the governance of Northern Ireland with unrepentant terrorists and their apologists.

Yet many evangelical Christians vote for the DUP.  Why?

How much longer do you think the DUP will hold the line against the imposition of sodomite “marriage” on Northern Ireland?  One look at the photo of Lord Mayor Kingston standing between two arrogant, sneering homosexuals should answer that question for you once and for all.

A Sinn Fein Junior Government Minister attended a Pride event yesterday and stated that there must be acceptance of the LGBT lobby not just tolerance. Sinn Fein are the political face of the IRA and are in the Government of Northern Ireland, courtesy of the DUP.

Our response to this woman is as follows. God does not tolerate or accept sodomites and neither do we, Madam! God demands their repentance and abandonment of the homosexual lifestyle. God also commands that terrorists repent of their sins/crimes.

A suitable caption for this photo is “Now the end begins!”

5 thoughts on “Save Ulster from sodomy and DUP two-facedness

  1. You do know any protest is illegal if it has not been notified on 11/3 a politician (unelected like so many others) you ran for public office you know the law . don’t you.

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