Betraying spouses label their adultery an “open marriage”

Earlier this month a new US TV show called The Preachers had two adulterers as guests. The betraying spouses, Monique and Sidney Hicks, downplayed and attempted to justify their wicked multiple adulteries by stating that they have an “open marriage.”

The hosts of the programme are supposedly Christian preachers but they are obviously godless worldlings. They are so appalling that one of the “preachers” makes a joke of his own adultery when he says the following words, “I believe in open marriage, I just forgot to tell my ex-wife about it.”

Then the same “preacher” describes the two adulterous guests as “believers.”

This show is a travesty of true Biblical Christianity. These people are not Christians. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The Bible condemns adultery and warns adulterers that God will judge them. If they had lived in Old Testament times, the wicked pair and the “preacher” would have been stoned to death for their “open marriage” i.e adultery.

Adultery should still be a punishable offence, with imprisonment the penalty and not death.

Watch the shameless, laughing adulterers on video below,

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