Theresa May – Feminism’s poster girl

This is Theresa May, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The previous PM was also a feminist, albeit a male one (David Cameron.)

Theresa May

Mrs.May also supports homosexual “marriage.” (see video below from 2012)

The British Government legalised sodomite marriage in 2014 (but it is still illegal in our province of Northern Ireland, thank the Lord.)

In addition to being a feminist and pro-LGBTQ, Mrs. May is also pro-Islam.

Earlier this month, approx. 88,000 Muslims gathered in Birmingham to celebrate their Eid festival .A number of other English cities hosted Eid events. Theresa May wished Muslims  “Eid Mubarak” which means “a blessed Eid” or “a happy Eid.”

Read her full greeting at link below and note the sentence “I want to take this opportunity to thank British Muslims for the tremendous contribution you make to our country.”

Let us review the “tremendous contribution” Muslims have made to England.

1. Thousands of girls raped by Muslims
2. 52 UK civilians murdered by Islamic bombers in 2005
3.Soldier Lee Rigby brutally slain by Muslims on the streets of London
4.Female genital mutilation
5.”Honour” killings (murders) of Muslim women by their own families.

Is this the “tremendous contribution” Muslims have made to England that you have in mind Mrs.May?

Now view the sight of 88,000 Muslims in one place in Birmingham (which appears to have been transformed into Saudi Arabia for the day.)

Are you afraid yet?   You ought to be!

3 thoughts on “Theresa May – Feminism’s poster girl

  1. Mrs White, what about the contribution many Muslim doctors like myself make daily saving people’s lives on the operating tables.

    Would you be happy for me to operate on you or should I go back to Saudi?

    I believe we are a religion of peace and the majority of us are a contribution to Britain.

    As-salamu alaykum,


    • Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of conquest and domination and spreads by the use (or threat) of violence. Do you deny the horrific reality of so-called “honour” killings (murders) in Islam, and are you denying that the majority of the men found guilty of raping British girls in Rochdale and Leicester (to name but two places) were Pakistani Muslims? The killers of Lee Rigby said that they were forced by the Koran to commit their hideous, barbaric murder. How can you claim that Islam is a religion of peace? You may be peace-loving, but your religion is not. Muslim doctors do contribute to the Health Service but they must abide by our laws while they live here and not seek to impose or enforce sharia law or distinct Islamic practices on our society (such as halal slaughter.) Muslims (and other foreigners) who come to the UK must accommodate themselves to us, not the other way round. No country can sustain too many immigrants, however, even if they are law-abiding citizens, and immigration is totally out of control at present and the UK does not have the resources to cope with the masses, so it has to be controlled and those coming must be vetted so they are not a security risk. You mention that you are from Saudi and ask if I would be happy for you to go back. A recent headline from the Mail online newspaper makes me think you are safer here. The headline reads as follows, “A woman beheaded in the road. Five headless corpses hanging from cranes…”Daily Mail online 21.3.16

      • Do you feel better now Susan? you racist bigot. I hope your life falls into the hands of a doctor like this good man one day and he turns away from you. That is what you deserve.

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