I oppose women in the military on radio today

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has lifted the ban on female soldiers serving in close combat frontline roles.

This is appalling, and he has taken this action at the behest of Feminists who care nothing for the safety of women (or men.) I do not believe that women should be soldiers at all and I further believeĀ that the only roles they should fill in the Army are as secretaries or nurses.

BBC radio programme “Talkback” discussed this topic today.

The discussion starts at 1 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds in to programme and my contribution starts at 1 hour 20 minutes 56 seconds


2 thoughts on “I oppose women in the military on radio today

  1. Crikey, you were quite rude to the female representative (Azi?) from the army, who was quite reasonable.

    Of course women should be allowed to take any role in the military they are capable to do and wish to do. Likewise the lady in charge of MI5 – if she was capable, then of course she should do the job!

    Adultery in the military?! Yes, and since it also happen everywhere else – why should that be a surprise?!

    Overall, welcome to 2016, as William Crawley says. It wasn’t 1850 last time I checked.

    That was an embarrassing piece of radio. I’m surprised you highlighted it.

  2. You obviously have no idea how irrational and demented you sound. If nothing else you provide comic relief when you phone into this show.

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