Sweden goes nuts!

The monstrous, feminist country known as Sweden continues its descent into utter madness with the release of a “gender-neutral” children’s song.

The androgynous propaganda piece is entitled “I’m a coconut hen”, and the composer (to the best of our knowledge) is a Swedish man called Emil Gustavsson, born in 1993.

“Hen” in Sweden is a “gender-neutral” personal pronounĀ intended as an alternative to the gender-specific “hon” (she) and “han” (he).

The lunatics really are running the asylum that is Sweden (see video )

4 thoughts on “Sweden goes nuts!

  1. Very cute video! And catchy song too.
    All fairly harmless. I doubt many kids would really get their head around it, but being consciousof the “hon” pronoun may help with tolerance and understanding in the future.

    I imagine the semantics of the languages where a neuter form associates with words may make such references easier (German, French, Italian, Irish etc). There aren’t many examples in English except maybe people who give their cars a gender, or when we refer to “she’s a fine ship” etc.

    Related to that, I heard on a BBC NI programme that “Mx.” is now being proposed as a new prefix to accommodate Transgender council applicants in Oxford and some other English council areas.

    But it was taken in pretty progressive spirit on the radio programme, and I wonder if that is something that an option might be provided for in the future, in the way Ms. has become very much mainstream on official forms now.

    • We use the designations “Miss” for a single woman and the designation “Mrs” for a married woman and the designation “Mr” for a man, irrespective of his marital status. We ignore totally all “gender-neutral” and feminist nonsensical designations such as “Ms” and the hilarious “Mx.” Your mention of the word “progressive” in your comment is interesting because, whether you know it or not, you have hit the nail on the head i.e the “progressive” madness that pervades society today is actually Marxism or cultural Marxism which is the form we see it in today. You may be happy to be under the jackboot of cultural Marxism. We despise and resist it.

        • The Lord Jesus Christ said that God made them male and female at the beginning i.e creation, so human beings are born male or female. We know that there are tragic cases of hermaphrodites, and we believe that such conditions (and all sickness and disease, including cancer) are the result of the fall of man into sin. This fall affected everything and, as a result, things can be “out of sync” so to speak and imbalances can occur. This does not change the fact that human beings are either male or female. Whilst hermaphrodites deserve our compassion and may require medical treatment to enable them to function as male or female, this is not the same as biological males who think they are women or biological females who think they are men or people who think they are cats or parrots…..ad nauseum. Such people either have psychological problems or they have been so brainwashed by the dangerous LGBT agenda which is saturating society that the balance of their minds has been affected.

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