The hideous coterie behind “Educate and Celebrate”

A wicked LGBT organisation called Educate and Celebrate have intimidated 80 schools in the UK to such an extent that said schools have capitulated and adopted a “gender-neutral” uniform policy. In other words, a “boys-in-skirts” policy.

40 of the schools are State Secondary schools and the other 40 are State Primary schools.

The organisation behind this insanity, Educate and Celebrate, receive State funding to promote the LGBT agenda, so it is accurate to say that the State is funding the abuse of its children on a massive scale.

The hideous coterie who run Educate and Celebrate are Elly Barnes, CJ Atkinson, Zitta Lomax, Jonathan Blake, Clare Summerskill and Vix Perks.

The creepy Barnes was named as a recipient of the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. So she is being rewarded for evil doing.

Instead of an MBE, she should receive a prison sentence!

What are the Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel doing to stop such wickedness in our schools and in wider society?

Little or nothing, we would venture to say!

Watch the propaganda video below and see for yourself the darkness engulfing our schools, promulgated by organisations such as “Brainwash and Intimidate”, oops, “Educate and Celebrate.”

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