Jasmine and Phillip should set themselves a target – to boycott TARGET

Voddie Baucham is a Christian Pastor and frequent conference speaker. He and his wife Bridget have nine children, seven of whom are adopted.

On of their two biological children, Jasmine, was married to Phillip Holmes in 2014.

They had their first baby, a boy, a few days ago, and we wish them all well.

However, a few weeks ago, we discovered that a couple with the same name, and living in the same area (Minneapolis) had registered at Target for their baby registry (a list of items needed for the baby which friends who wish to buy a gift for the baby can consult.)

We think it is likely that the couple who registered with Target baby department and Voddie Baucham’s daughter and son-in-law are one and the same, and, if we are right, we are perplexed and dismayed, because Target stores have been in the news lately because they now allow men dressed as women to use their female restrooms.

Many Christians (and others) in the USA are boycotting Target because of their outrageous, wicked policy, so why is a Christian Pastor’s daughter sending friends to one of those wicked stores to buy baby gifts?

Why indeed?!

See the evidence at the link below


2 thoughts on “Jasmine and Phillip should set themselves a target – to boycott TARGET

  1. UK Christians boycott Tesco over its promotion of Sodomy at London pride and Sunday trading obviously as well, Yet [so called] Christians Ashers chose Tesco as a 7 days a week distributer for its Products {sausage rolls i.e. non essential for survival food} Why?

    Professor Brown of the Martyrs Memorial wrote to the Chairman of Tesco regarding same and yet the same Professor overlooks Ashers Choice and Ashers apparent willingness to promote the satanic feast of Halloween which he had lectured against, clearly because of a common enemy (My enemy’s enemy is my friend]

    Read what he wrote to Mr Broadbent and then explain the decision to support Ashers ! http://governmentmoralscommitteefpc.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/letter-to-tesco-plc-re-their.html

    You dont need to look at America to see hypocrisy we have plenty of home grown of our own

    • We (the Whites) have been boycotting Tesco since 2002 because they give contraceptives to young people, so when we discovered that Tesco was supporting London Pride, we were not surprised, and our boycott continues to this day.

      It is wrong for Ashers to sell its products via Tesco and it was/is wrong for Ashers to bake Halloween cakes. You will have to ask Ashers why they do these things because their actions cannot be justified.
      You mention Rev. Ian Brown of the Free Presbyterian church and his support for Ashers. We are not Free Presbyterians but we don’t think Ian Brown is known as Professor Brown. He is right to support the McArthur family and their refusal to bake a cake with a slogan promoting homosexual “marriage.” We support Ashers in their refusal to bake such a cake. Mr. Brown should not have ignored the matters you mentioned i.e the Ashers/Tesco connection and the baking of Halloween cakes. He should have raised these matters with the McArthur family instead of ignoring such marked inconsistencies in their Christian stand. Too many Christians (Ministers and Pastors included) ignore uncomfortable facts instead of addressing them and/or dealing with them.
      Please address your questions to Mr.Brown and his denomination.

      You are absolutely correct when you say that there is home-grown hypocrisy in Christian circles in Northern Ireland. We (the Whites) try very hard not to be numbered in the ranks of those who say one thing and do another.

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